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Mister David, I can tell you very responsibly, what you tore up just now was just a photocopy of the contract. The original document is still with us. That is to say, I am giving you two choices right now. The first is to agree to terminate the contract and pay the litigant eight million in penalties. The second option is to wait for a summons from the courts!”

The lawyer finished speaking meticulously, turned around and led Jin Xiaoxi away. “Let’s go!”

David was really dumbfounded this time. His heart was in a mess and he felt speechless as he watched them leave. He had no choice but to promptly shout to stop them, “Wait!”

David had been forced into a corner so he agreed to terminate the contract with Jin Xiaoxi.

In the end, the plans he made for the concert during the meeting all turned into nothing.

He had no choice but to obediently sign the agreement to cancel the contract and pay the eight million in penalties. He looked on helplessly as he watched Jin Xiaoxi and the lawyer leave.

Jing Xi felt that it was a sunny day outside when she came out of Longwei Music Studio.

She did a ninety-degree bow towards lawyer Lin Yang to thank him. “Thank you, Lawyer Lin. It wouldn’t have been so easy to terminate the contract today if it weren’t for you.”

“You are welcome. I am just carrying out my responsibility.”

Lin Yang got in the car after he finished speaking and asked, “Do you want me to send you back?”

“Thank you, but it’s fine. I will be taking a trip to Kaidi Music Studio to sign the contract and to show my gratitude to President Huo.” Jing Xi waved her hands at him and Lin Yan drove away.

Now that Jing Xi’s card had eight million from the bank transfer and that the illegal contract had been terminated, her entire body felt relaxed.

She felt that, now that she had this money, she could contact the hospital to prepare for Tieniu’s surgery. At the same time, she could also buy the newest and most advanced prosthesis for him.

Just as she was about to go to the hospital, she received a call from a stranger.

It was actually a call from the specialist hospital. They asked if she was Tieniu’s parent.

They told Jing Xi their hospital was offering to restore his cochlea as the country currently had a project that required them to search for children from all over the country who needed surgery.

The immigration office had discovered Tieniu’s condition corresponded with their requirements so they wanted to ask if they were willing to accept the aid and have the surgery.

Oh my god, this was practically a blessing from the heavens!

Jing Xi was very happy and agreed immediately. They requested that she bring the child over to the hospital to get examined.

After she received this call, Jing Xi felt that all of her misfortunes were behind her and good luck was coming towards them.

It seemed like their lives was getting better and better!

At the Triumph Palace.


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