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Chapter 1648: A Successful Plan

Jing Xi quickly put the tray of food down and followed the servant to check what was happening.

“Who fainted?” Jing Xi asked as she followed the servant to the storeroom.

“In there. I can’t carry him on my own,” the servant said as she pointed to a door.

Jing Xi pushed the door open and felt cold air coming from inside.

The door led to the underground wine cellar, where the temperature was much lower than outside.

Jing Xi shivered as she walked down into the cellar.

“Where is he?” Jing Xi asked as she could not find anyone in there.

The only reply she got was a metallic sound.

Wondering what the sound was, Jing Xi quickly ran back up and realized the door had been locked from the outside.

“Hey! Open the door! Hey!”

She could hear footsteps leaving. No matter how much she shouted, no one opened the door for her.

It was then that Jing Xi realized that she had fallen into a trap. Someone knew that she was a kind person and used that to lock her in the cellar.

Jing Xi then went to look for something to break the lock with, but no matter how hard she tried, the lock would not break.

No matter how much Jing Xi tried or shouted, she could not get out of the cellar.

Yao Zheng poured something into Huo Yunshen’s drink before having someone send it to the king.

Huo Yunshen was busy with his work. He realized that Jin Xiaoxi still hadn’t returned, and then someone knocked on the door and Huo Yunshen quickly let the person in.

But the one who came in was Yin Feng with a tray in his hands.

“My liege, Miss Jin said that she has some urgent business back home and left early. These are the tea and snacks she prepared for you,” Yin Feng said.

“I see,” Huo Yunshen replied as he looked at the warm milk and cookies on the tray.

He recalled that Jin Xiaoxi had mentioned that he should not drink coffee because of his stomach problem.

So she made me some warm milk instead?

Huo Yunshen picked up the warm milk and smelled its aroma before drinking it.

He could feel his stomach getting better after drinking the milk, and he ate two cookies before having the food taken away.

“I’m done,” Huo Yunshen said.

He continued with his work but started to feel hot one hour later. His head was spinning, and his body was burning up.

He could not concentrate on his work anymore.

He put his pen and documents down and went back to his bedroom.

The moment he got to his bed, he crashed in it and fell asleep.

Yao Zheng was waiting in a corner outside until she noticed the king going back to his room. She knew that her plan was a success.

The thing she had added into Huo Yunshen’s milk was a type of aphrodisiac.

Even though Huo Yunshen would be sound asleep, he would think of the woman he touched as the person he loved the most.

There was no way he could control himself.

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