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Chapter 1672: Making Sure

Jing Xi did not expect the lucky Goddess to look over her.

When she had just finished recording her fourth song, she got an email from Kaidi telling her that they wanted to talk to her about a contract.

Jing Xi even called and made sure since they had mentioned a contract and not the competition.

And their answer was precise. They wanted to sign a contract with her.

It was something that Jing Xi thought she could only ever hope for. Even though she was happy, she was also worried about her contract with Longwei.

Since Jing Xi was worried that something similar to the issue with Longwei would happen, she decided to go to Kaidi and learn more about the contract.

She could give up on the contract if it was another fluke again.

She arrived at Kaidi the next day.

After telling the receptionist who she was, she was immediately brought to the president’s office.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Jin Xiaoxi…”

Before Jing Xi could finish her self introduction, the chair turned around, and a woman that looked like a queen sat there.

Jing Xi immediately realized that the woman was Ye Xun’s girlfriend, the king’s sister.

“Miss… President Huo?”

“Yup.” Huo Sanyan replied to Jing Xi’s shocked look with a smile.

“Then, today…”

Jing Xi suddenly thought that they might not have asked her there for a contract.

“We are going to talk about the contract today,” Huo Sanyan said. “I really like your voice and want you to become our singer. What do you think?”

“I’m delighted, but… my face…”

Jing Xi took off her veil.

She could still remember that David had told her that he liked her voice before seeing her face.

Jing Xi wanted to make sure that Huo Sanyan knew what she was buying.

“I already know about your face. You got hurt in a fire, right? Don’t worry about it. What I’m looking for is your voice, I’m not asking you to be some idol.”

“But… will you use someone else’s face to promote my song?” Jing Xi asked.

“Miss Jing, is that what you think of us?” Huo Sanyan asked, handing Jing Xi a file. “Take a look. These are all the famous celebrities that I’ve personally promoted. A lot of them don’t have good looks either, but they are proving their worth with their talent.”

Jing Xi opened the file, and as Huo Sanyan had said, most of them were really famous but weren’t good looking. Some could even be called ugly. Yet, all of them were flourishing on their own paths.

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