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Chapter 1775: She Was Jing Xi!

It was impossible that she was the one who sang that song!

Jing Xi touched her throat and a faint ache surged from her heart. That place could no longer emit such a beautiful and spirited voice!

After they arrived and entered the Qingyun Residence Villa, Jing Xi saw many familiar and unfamiliar faces. All of their old friends came.

Many of the faces were nowhere to be found within her memory.

However, everyone’s attitude towards her was very friendly. When she came, they each came one after the other to greet her.

She knew the people who she saw yesterday. There were many she hadn’t seen before but they would all introduce themselves.

“Miss Jing, nice to meet you. I am Xiao Yuqian’s lover, Ma Haodong.”

A handsome and stylish man came over to shake her hand. Although he had an obvious smile when he was speaking, his eyes were red.

“You must be Mr. Huo’s personal assistant, Jing Xiaoxi, right?”

Qi Liya came forward to give her a big hug. “I welcome your arrival!”

After that, a pretty woman ran over and hugged her tightly. “Sis! Are you well, sis?!”

It was only after she spoke with her that she knew her name was Wan Dou. The man who came with her was called Mu Chenguang. They were friends of Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi from the past.

Over here, Jing Xi could still recognize Tang Yichen’s lover, Liang La, Huo Yunshen’s oldest sister, Huo Yijing, and his second oldest sister, Huo Erqi.

There were still many friends whose names she could not recall. However, everyone treated her very cordially and with friendliness.

She had basically gotten to know everyone. Jing Xi didn’t see his majesty the king from the start until now. She couldn’t help but ask, “Where is Mr. Huo? Why hasn’t he come yet?”

Just as her words ended, she heard someone say, “Mr. Huo is here!”

Everyone followed the sound and looked at the door. The only thing they could see at this time was Yin Feng leading a group of guards. The people on both sides gave way to clear a path.

It was only after the crowd cleared up that Jing Xi was able to see the man who came in late.

His entrance was very special. He didn’t walk in while looking handsome. Instead, he was sitting in an electric wheelchair, slowly moving inside.

When she saw this scene, an image flashed in her mind again. It was also exactly the same as the way he was sitting in a wheelchair.

The closer he got, the more memories she remembered in her mind. Her heart also felt more and more unbearable.

She forgot to react and just stood still dumbfoundedly as she stared at him.

Huo Yunshen came close and finally stopped in front of her. He looked at her for a moment and didn’t say anything. Instead, he took something from his pocket and put it in front of her eyes.

It was a ring!

The ring that she had lost!

It turned out it was with him!

Jing Xi felt astonished and took back the ring from his hands. She l

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