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Chapter 1768: Show Him

Seeing how Fang Xiaocheng cried, Jing Xi guessed that Fang Xiaocheng thought of her as the real Jing Xi.

Jing Xi was a little caught off guard and had no idea how to comfort Fang Xiaocheng.

After a few minutes of crying, Fang Xiaocheng realized she was being rude and quickly invited them in.

Fang Xiaocheng waited until her guests sat down and called her son out. A boy around four or five years old ran out of his bedroom.

“Mommy!” the boy greeted and realized that there were guests. He then ran into his mother’s arms and looked at the guests embarrassedly.

“How are you, Little Beibei,” Huo Yunshen greeted. “Looks like you’ve grown a lot.”

“Come on, greet them,” Fang Xiaocheng encouraged. “This is Uncle Huo, and this is Auntie… Jing.”

Yi Bei was big enough to understand what his mother was saying now.

The little boy looked at Jing Xi curiously, and Jing Xi greeted, “Hello, Beibei.”

“Go, you can hug her.”

Fang Xiaocheng urged her son, but the little boy kept staring at Jing Xi’s face mask.

Fang Xiaocheng even picked her son up and put him in front of Jing Xi, but he just kept on staring at Jing Xi as she hugged him.

“Your son is so cute!” Jing Xi exclaimed as she rubbed the little boy’s head.

Fang Xiaocheng looked at Jing Xi and sighed. There was a lot she wanted to talk to her about, but her best friend had forgotten about her.

They talked about Yi Bei, and Yi Xiao came back not long after with two huge bags of ingredients.

“What do you want to eat?” Yi Xiao asked. “I’m making dinner.”

Jing Xi wasn’t sure if they were supposed to eat at Yi Xiao’s place and turned to look at Huo Yunshen.

“Sure, make whatever you like,” Huo Yunshen decided.

“All right, it’s time to show them your cooking skills,” Fang Xiaocheng said to Yi Xiao.

“Okay! Don’t blame me if it doesn’t taste good.”

Yi Xiao went into the kitchen with the ingredients, and Yi Bei chased after his father.

“Looks like you’ve been training Yi Xiao well,” Huo Yunshen laughed. “He’s like the perfect housewife now.”

“He’s still lacking compared to you.” Fang Xiaocheng smiled. “If Yanyan comes back one day, she’ll definitely be the luckiest girl in the world.”

Jing Xi was confused at first but finally understood that the Yanyan Fang Xiaocheng was talking about was Jing Xi’s nickname.

Through the conversation, Jing Xi learned that without the title or the harsh work, Huo Yunshen was a gentle person.

But he became short-tempered after his wife passed away. The only way for him to return to his old self was for his wife to return.

They talked until Yi Xiao came out from the kitchen with food plated on the dining table.

Fang Xiaocheng even took out some of their best wine for Huo Yunshen and Yi Xiao to drink over a talk.

But when Jing Xi heard that Huo Yunshen was going to drink, she quickly reminded him, “Mr. Huo, your stomach is still weak. You can’t drink.”

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