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Chapter 1782: Satisfied

Mo Yutian remembered that his biggest wish was to marry Jing Xi.

Even though he would never have the chance to do that, he still got to marry Jin Xiaoxi as Mo Xiao, and that was enough for him.

He was satisfied.

Being able to spend a short time with Jing Xi made him happy and whole.

“When’s the surgery?” Mo Yutian asked about Jing Xi’s scar.

“Maybe a few months from now. We wanted to wait until the baby is born.”

Huo Yunshen pushed the surgery date back because he did not want it to affect the baby’s growth.

Jing Xi was already seven months into her pregnancy. Pushing the surgery back a few months was the best bet.

“That’s good. I believe that you can still regain your face,” Mo Yutian said.

“What about you? What are you planning to do?” Jing Xi asked.

“Me? I’m going to leave in a few days, don’t worry about me. I just want to meet with Niuniu before I leave, will that be okay?”

The other reason for Mo Yutian to return was that he was missing the little boy.

“Why don’t you just stay?” Huo Yunshen suggested. “Don’t you want to see if our baby is a boy or a girl? I have a place waiting for you to stay in. I’ve even gotten our mother to move here. You can stay with her too. She misses you a lot.”

Huo Yunshen had built a mansion for Mo Yutian in the heart of Mo City, and Su Wanqin was now residing there.

Mo Yutian never expected Huo Yunshen to be so considerate to him. The truth was that after wandering for a few months, he missed his life with Jin Xiaoxi and Little Apple.

Even if he could not live that life anymore, living close to them and being able to see them from time to time did not sound that bad to Mo Yutian.

Having a warm home to go back to was always better than wandering without a goal. Mo Yutian was already tired and he wanted to stop and rest.

With his mother also residing in Mo City, Mo Yutian decided to stay. He could take care of his mother and make up for lost time with her.

He could also stay where Jing Xi and Little Apple were and help them if needed.

“Thank you… Thank you for everything.” Mo Yutian thanked Huo Yunshen with all of his heart.

“Come on. You want to see Niuniu, don’t you?” Jing Xi said. “He’ll be excited to see you.”

Mo Yutian got Huo Yunshen’s approval and followed Jing Xi to the garden where the kids were playing.

A few months had passed since Mo Yutian had left and Little Apple’s skin had gotten whiter than it used to be.

If not for the little boy running to him, Mo Yutian might’ve not recognized him.

“Daddy! Daddy!”

Little Grape ran towards Mo Yutian and into his arms.

Even though Little Grape wasn’t asking for Mo Yutian like he used to anymore, he had never forgotten about the man who raised him.

Little Grape cried as he clung onto Mo Yutian.


Mo Yutian picked Little Apple up and hugged him tightly.

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