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Chapter 1787: She Looks The Same As Before!

A six-hour facial restoration surgery was currently in full swing. The people outside the operating room were all very nervous.

No one could anticipate the risk of the surgery. The only thing everyone could do was to pray for Jing Xi and hope everything would go well.

The surgery successfully ended after six hours. When Jing Xi was pushed out, her face was covered in bandages. The only things that could be seen were her nose and mouth.

She was still unconscious and she was sent to the ward so that she could continue to be observed for some time.

Jing Xi woke up after a few hours. She looked at her husband, who was beside her. She asked in shock, “Yunshen, my surgery…?”

“Was successful! The doctor said it was a success but you need to slowly recover, wait patiently, and not be anxious,” Huo Yunshen promptly explained.

Jing Xi felt as though there were bandages on her face and she could still feel some pain. She wanted to stretch out her hand to touch it but Huo Yunshen stopped her. “You must not scratch your face. You have to bear it for a while. Once the bandages can be removed, you will be able to see the new you.”

Jing Xi felt very worried. “What if I can’t go back to how I originally looked? What if I turn into someone else?”

Actually, Huo Yunshen was also worried about this point. However, he could only comfort her right now. “Don’t worry about it. You will know once you are well. No matter what you turn into, whether or not you can return to your original appearance, it isn’t important anymore. Jing Xi, the important thing is that you are still you. I can accept it no matter what you look like. I will still love you.”

Jing Xi’s heart calmed down considerably when she heard what her husband said. Right, there was nothing else to do besides wait.

After one month, the time when the bandages could be removed finally came.

On this day, all of their friends, family, and the children were waiting outside. Everyone wanted to witness the miracle at this moment.

Jing Xi was very nervous. What would she look like in the future? She would know once she saw everyone’s reaction.

The bandages were taken off layer by layer until all of the bandages were removed. Her restored appearance finally emerged.

After the doctor who was responsible for the surgery saw her face, he smiled as his burden was relieved. Thankfully, the effects were better than previously anticipated.

“My queen, you can now go see your friends and family!”

The curtains were pulled open and the back of an unrecognizable beautiful figure appeared in front of everyone.

She wore a gorgeous white dress and revealed a beautiful back. She stood there quietly as if she were a beautiful oil painting.

Everyone’s gaze was drawn over and focused on her back. They were full of anticipation. Everyone wanted to see what she looked like after she turned around.

“Jing Xi!”

Huo Y

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