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Chapter 1804: A Couple

“…” Huo Sanyan did not reply and just gave Ye Xun a warning stare.

“Fine, fine! I won’t ask. Call me when you want to go back. I’ll come and fetch you.”


Ye Xun turned to leave. But before he reached the door, he decided to take a detour to the bathroom.

Bai Yanchuan was washing his hands when Ye Xun appeared in the mirror.

Bai Yanchuan’s lips arched up a little and he wiped his hands before turning to face Ye Xun.

“Do you need to use the bathroom too?” Bai Yanchuan asked.

Ye Xun stared at Bai Yanchuan for a few seconds before grabbing him by his collar and pushing him to the wall. Ye Xun then formed a fist and punched the wall next to Bai Yanchuan’s face.

“This is my only warning. Stay away from my wife!” Ye Xun warned.

“Oh, are you two officially married?” Bai Yanchuan asked with a smile.

“Why do you care? Official or not, she’s my woman! And stop calling her Yanyan!”

Ye Xun’s warning was filled with killing intent.

“I’ve never thought of going anywhere with Ms. Huo.” Bai Yanchuan smiled. “But then again, she’s fascinating. At least she has the charm to make you go mad.”

“You bastard!”

Ye Xun threw a punch at Bai Yanchuan’s face, but his fist was caught in mid-air.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Bai Yanchuan asked. “If you hurt me and Ms. Huo sees it, how will she react? What if she becomes worried about me?”

Ye Xun was a person who would always give in to his impulse and never think of the outcome. Bai Yanchuan’s words woke Ye Xun up, and he realized he was right.

He would definitely be hated if Bai Yanchuan were to get hurt.

Two good looking men were now next to the bathroom door. Bai Yanchuan had his back to the wall as Ye Xun had one of his hands next to Bai Yanchuan’s head. People would mistake them for a couple if they suddenly came into the toilet.

And unluckily, a guest walked into the toilet and saw them there.

“Oh, I’m so sorry. Please continue…,” the guest apologized and quickly left.

Ye Xun quickly pulled his arm back.

“Consider yourself lucky today!” Ye Xun scolded and turned to leave.

“Mr. Ye, is it okay if I ask Ms. Huo to a party tonight as my date?” Bai Yanchuan asked before Ye Xun left the bathroom.

“What?” Ye Xun stopped and turned back around.

He then realized that Huo Sanyan wasn’t planning to have dinner at home because she had a date with Bai Yanchuan.

“Are you trying to challenge me?” Ye Xun scolded. “Do you need me to beat you half to death so that you can remember who you’re talking to?”

“You do know that your impulsivity is the reason you still haven’t gotten her heart, right?” Bai Yanchuan laughed. “If you’re so worried about your woman, why don’t you join us tonight too?”

Stunned by Bai Yanchuan’s invitation, Ye Xun began to wonder what Bai Yanchuan was planning.

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