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Chapter 1807: Surprised?

Ye Xun opened the door and looked at the stunned driver.

“I’m sorry. Tell Mr. Bai that I’ll pay for the repairs,” Ye Xun said and handed the driver his card before turning to Huo Sanyan.

“Come on, my love, let me drive you there.”

Ye Xun winked.

“Why are you here? Didn’t I say I would be back late today? I have a party to attend.”

Huo Sanyan scolded Ye Xun and did not get into his car.

“I know. That’s why I’m here.”

“Can I just get another car? I’m not going to the party in that.”

Huo Sanyan pointed at the off-road vehicle that Ye Xun drove.

“You can try, but you are definitely not going into another person’s car other than mine tonight.”

Ye Xun stared at Huo Sanyan as if he was telling her that she was his and could only be his.

Huo Sanyan then looked at Bai Yanchuan’s white car. The car’s back bumper was trashed so badly that it was a pain to look at. Not wanting to ruin another car, Huo Sanyan agreed to ride with Ye Xun.

Ye Xun got into the driver seat after helping Huo Sanyan into the passenger’s seat. He then moved towards Huo Sanyan, which shocked her, as she thought he was about to kiss her.

But he was just helping her with the seatbelt.

After helping Huo Sanyan put her seatbelt on, he kissed her cheek and complimented, “You smell so nice.”

“It’s perfume.”

Huo Sanyan snorted and rolled her eyes.

But she was thankful that Ye Xun did not kiss her on her lips, or else she would have had to reapply her lipstick again.

Ye Xun started the engine and said, “No perfume for you in the future.”


Huo Sanyan could tell Ye Xun was going to give some crazy reasons again.

“Do you know how attractive you are with perfume? Only I am allowed to smell you with perfume on!”

“Why do you have to control everything I do?” Huo Sanyan scolded.

“It’s not I want to control you, but I don’t want you to attract other men.”

Perhaps because of her beauty or the aura she gave off, Ye Xun was always worried.

He was worried that she would meet some pervert and get assaulted or that she would just attract other men.

“So, you’re saying that I should cover myself up like all those Muslims?’

“That would be great!”

“You’re impossible!”

Huo Sanyan roared and stopped talking to Ye Xun.

The hardly talked on the way to the hotel. When they reached it, Ye Xun helped Huo Sanyan out of the vehicle.

“You can go back now,” Huo Sanyan said.

“Back where? I canceled all of my plans so that I could attend the party with you. Are you surprised?”

“You? Attending the party?” Huo Sanyan asked and wondered if she was having a hallucination. “You always said that you hated this kind of place.”

“Yes, but I’m willing to do anything for you.”

“Or you’re just afraid that I will run off with another man…”

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