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Chapter 1777: Found The Darling He Had Lost

He saw how sad she was and he didn’t know how he should comfort her.

A handsome and dashing man appeared in the mirror. He lightly hugged her from behind and their heads touched each other. “Jing Xi, don’t be sad anymore. Do you know how long I have waited for this day? You are back. You are finally back!”

Jing Xi’s tears grew more and more. She was so sad that she closed her eyes. “Yunshen, I can’t believe this. It really feels like I am dreaming.”

“You are not dreaming. You really are back. Jing Xi, you are here with me. We also have our children and the baby in your tummy. Our family is finally reunited. If the children learn you are their real mother, they will definitely be very happy and joyous.

Huo Yunshen kept on comforting and kissing her. He turned her body around and wiped away her tears little by little.

Jing Xi went from being in disbelief to slowly accepting it. She buried her face in his embrace and said sadly, “But although I am back, I can no longer be your Jing Xi. My face is ruined and my voice has changed. I am already so unfamiliar that even I dislike myself.”

“Don’t say that and don’t think like that. The children and I won’t dislike you. Jing Xi, you are the best. In my heart, you are forever the most beautiful and no one can replace you.”

He lifted up her chin and lightly kissed the scar on her face. He said seriously, “Believe me, I will definitely hire the best doctor in the world to restore your original looks. As for your voice, it seems your current voice is even more seductive and attractive than before. I also feel like I can’t get enough of it. Your voice is the most pleasant to listen to, especially when you are in bed.”

Her cheeks turned red when she thought about when they made love. As long as he didn’t dislike her…

“I am the one who deserves to die! Wife, beat me fiercely! I didn’t recognize you at the beginning the first time I saw you. It is me who is stupid! Hit me! Hit me hard!” Huo Yunshen picked up her hand and used it to hit his body.

How could Jing Xi be willing to hit him?

“It is normal for people not to recognize me when I look like this. I don’t blame you. Instead, your unchanging love really touched me. Thank you for always remembering me and not forgetting me! Yunshen…”

“Jing Xi…”

In the end, the two of them hugged each other and were so moved that they kissed each other.

Tonight was another sleepless night, but Huo Yunshen was very happy because he had found the darling that he had lost.

The two of them stayed the night at Qingyun Residence. Huo Yunshen hugged her and the two of them lay down together, talking all night.

They talked about their past, about all kinds of experiences she’d had after she lost her memory, about how the three years without her was like living in hell.

Right now, everything was good. She had come back. As long as she was alive, everything had hope.


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