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Chapter 1813: Got What He Wanted

Huo Sanyan never expected that Ye Xun would sneak into the guest room after she fell asleep.

Huo Sanyan was being pinned down by Ye Xun as she scolded, “Why are you here? Didn’t I tell you we’re sleeping in separate rooms tonight?”

“That was yesterday. It’s 12 now.” Ye Xun smiled cunningly. “This is a new day.”

“You little…!”

“Wait! Don’t get angry!” Ye Xun quickly stopped Huo Sanyan before she could scold him. “Don’t you miss little Ye Xun too? He misses you so much!”

“Go away!”

“Oh! I’m not going anywhere without you!”

Ye Xun got what he wanted as Huo Sanyan could only endure the pain. When she woke up the next day, she felt like she’d been through torture.

She kept scolding Ye Xun, and she got out of the bed, but Ye Xun was just smiling at her as he was satisfied.

Yet, he had no idea that the woman that slept next to him the night before was about to leave him. Anything could spark that event.

And that event was sparked that night.

Huo Sanyan was busy the whole day, and she didn’t even reply to any of Ye Xun’s messages. But Ye Xun just kept messaging her, and she turned off her phone in the end.

After having a meeting with all the higher-ups in the company, Huo Sanyan brought them to dinner.

With everything that was troubling her recently, Huo Sanyan drank too much wine and got drunk.

She got her new assistant, Xiao Miao, to drive her home. Xiao Miao drove into Ye Manor and stopped in front of the mansion.

“Watch your step,” Xiao Miao reminded as she helped Huo Sanyan out of the car.

But Huo Sanyan still tripped, and Xiao Miao caught her just in time.

It was at that time that Ye Xun got out of the mansion and saw what was happening.

Huo Sanyan looked drunk and couldn’t even stand still.

But another person was hugging her, and from Ye Xun’s angle, it looked like the person was kissing Huo Sanyan.

There was no way he could allow that.

Without giving the person any chance to react, Ye Xun threw a punch at that person.

He then pulled the person away from Huo Snayan and kept punching that person.

“Ye Xun… Stop…” Huo Sanyan could faintly see Ye Xun hitting someone and tried to stop him.

But Ye Xun was too enraged to listen to her and shoved her aside.

Huo Sanyan fell and hit her head again.

“Ye Xun! You lunatic! Stop!” Huo Sanyan screamed as she hugged her head.

But Ye Xun kept hitting until the person let out a devastating scream before he stopped.

Xiao Miao’s arm was broken by Ye Xun as she lay on the ground.

Ye Xun turned around to look at Huo Sanyan only to be shocked by what he was looking at.

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