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Chapter 1799: Conflict

“Ye Xun! What are you trying to do?” Huo Sanyan questioned angrily.

“Yanyan… I’m hungry…” Ye Xun pleaded.

“Hungry? Then let me get some more congee for you. There’s still some left in the pot,” Huo Sanyan said.

Why would I want some burnt congee? I want you! Ye Xun thought.

“I don’t want some congee. I want you,” Ye Xun said as he sat on top of Huo Sanyan.

“Hey! You’re still sick! What are you trying to do?”

Huo Sanyan tried to push Ye Xun away, but his grip was stronger than usual. There was no way she could match his strength.

Realizing something was off, Huo Sanyan scolded, “Don’t tell me you were pretending to be sick all this time!”

“I was really sick.”

“Bullshit! Have you ever seen someone at full strength while they were sick?”

“… Yanyan, don’t reject me…”

“Stop! Ye Xun! Not tonight…”

“But, I want you…”

Ye Xun wanted all of her.

He wanted her all for himself.

Huo Sanyan always thought that Ye Xun was way too persistent, just like how he was persistent on having sex even when she wasn’t aroused.

Huo Sanyan was also a little against having sex, and it caused some conflicts in her mind.

Ye Xun always liked S&M play and it wasn’t something Huo Sanyan was fond of.

Huo Sanyan was completely drained of her energy after being devoured by Ye Xun, and her hands were even tied to the bed. When Ye Xun undid the belts on her hands, signs of her being tied were left on her wrists.

She even felt pain in her private part.

“Yanyan… I’m sorry for hurting you again…”

Ye Xun apologized when he saw the bruises on Huo Sanyan’s wrists.

“You’re always like this!” Huo Sanyan scolded as she covered herself with the sheet and lay down with her back towards Ye Xun. “You never cared if I wanted it or not!”

“But I just wanted to love you…,” Ye Xun explained as he tried to hug Huo Sanyan from behind.

But Huo Sanyan pushed him away.

“You’re just using your method to love me! You never asked if I was okay with it or not! Do you know that you look like a psycho right now?”

Ye Xun was deeply hurt as he always thought that his own passion wasn’t something wrong.

Huo Sanyan ignored Ye Xun after that and fell asleep while still angry.

Ye Xun then helped apply ointments to Huo Sanyan’s bruises and found a red string to tie his and her legs together.

He then went to sleep, hoping it would work.

Huo Sanyan woke up the next day to her alarm. She looked at the man next to her who was still sleeping and got up while enduring the pain on her body.

Yet the moment she tried to leave the bed, she was tripped by something tied to her leg and hit her head on the corner of the bedside table.

She screamed in pain as she touched her forehead, which was now covered in blood.

Ye Xun was woken up by Huo Sanyan’s scream and found her lying on the floor naked, with their legs tied together.

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