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Chapter 1779: Reunited

The luxury car arrived at the palace’s entrance. Helian Qingyu and Jing Xi got out of the car together and stepped on the red carpet.

The path towards the palace had been decorated beautifully with balloons and fresh flowers. There were also countless flashing colorful lanterns. One could tell every detail had been meticulously planned.

Both sides of the red carpet were lined with many of the palace guards and servants and Auntie Lan was at the front. When they saw Jing Xi had arrived, they all bowed to her together.

“Our Queen, welcome back home!”

Jing Xi came in front of Auntie Lan. When Jing Xi saw the old woman was looking at her with passionate tears in her eyes, she walked forward and gave the old woman a warm hug.

“Auntie Lan…”

“Everything is okay as long as you are back. Everything is okay. Come, my queen. His majesty and the children are all waiting for you!”

Auntie Lan wiped away her tears and made a gesture to ask her and Helian Qingyu to go in.

Following Auntie Lan’s lead, they went towards the palace’s main hall. From far away, they could see a row of shadows standing at the palace’s doorway.

Huo Yunshen was with two sons and also one daughter. The three of them were all waiting in anticipation.

When a familiar figure appeared from afar, Huo Yunshen said to the children, “Children, quickly take a look! Your mother is back!”

The children all already knew Jing Xi was their real mother.

Little Apple was especially unbelievably happy when he learned of this good news.

The three children had already been waiting for a long time. Now, they finally saw their mother return. The children all ran over in excitement to greet her.



Jing Xi saw a few children running towards her from far away. They were like little swallows with opened wings. The moment she saw the children, her heart almost melted. She was so moved that her tears started flowing down uncontrollably.

When the children were almost in front of her, she opened her arms to take them in with love.

Little Apple was the first to lunge forward, followed by Little Grape, and finally Ying Bao. Both her sons and daughter were here. Jing Xi tried her best to hug all three of the children at the same time.

“Children… my babies…”

At this moment, Jing Xi and the children all hugged together with affection. The three children were fighting to kiss her face.

“Mom, Niuniu missed you so much!” Little Apple hugged his mother tightly.

“Mom! I am so happy now that I know you are my real mother!” Little Grape said happily.

Jing Xi kissed her two sons and then lifted her head to look at Ying Bao. She found that her daughter had already cried so much that she looked like she was made of tears.

Jing Xi felt pain in her heart as she pulled her daughter into her embrace. “I’m sorry, Ying Bao. Mom is so sorry. My baby…”

Her heart would hurt whenever she thought about

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