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Chapter 1810: Too Tight

Since Huo Sanyan did not want to stay with Ye Xun, she took her jacket off and replied, “Sure thing.”

But before Bai Yanchuan could take Huo Sanyan’s hand, Ye Xun pulled her back.

“Mr. Bai, why don’t you rest a little? I can dance with my woman.” Ye Xun smiled and pulled Huo Sanyan onto the dancefloor.

It was as if Ye Xun had become another person as he walked onto the dance floor. He grabbed Huo Sanyan by her waist and pulled her into his arms until their bodies were touching.

Huo Sanyan quickly arched her upper body a little and scolded, “Hey, you’re hugging me too tight!”

“I’m worried that you might fall.”

Ye Xun made a lousy excuse and began to lead the dance.

Huo Sanyan was surprised that even when Ye Xun was more like a rude and stern person, he danced very well.

Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan moved their bodies with the music. They hugged, then parted a little, made a spin, and then hugged again.

Ye Xun was leading the whole dance as Huo Sanyan followed his lead. As they became more immersed in the dance, the other guests evacuated the dance floor for them.

A dashing man in military uniform and an exquisite woman in a black dress. Their dance was flawless.

Huo Sanyan slightly bent back a little as Ye Xun supported her by her waist at the end of the dance. The man stared at her affectionately from above as the music stopped.

Claps and cheers could be heard from the crowd as Ye Xun pulled Huo Sanyan up and they left the dance floor together.

Huo Sanyan was already sweating a little from the dance and grabbed her glass from Bai Yanchuan to rehydrate herself a little.

But Ye Xun stopped her from drinking and swapped her glass of champagne for a glass of lemon water instead.

“Here, drink this.”

“What? Do you even have to control what I drink now?” Huo Sanyan scolded.

“No, I’m just worried that Mr. Bai might have drugged your drink.”

“You’re just paranoid!”

Huo Sanyan knew that all Ye Xun was trying to do was to not let her come in any form of contact with Bai Yanchuan.

“Mr. Ye, are you questioning my integrity?” Bai Yanchuan asked as he shrugged.

“Yes. You look like a villain to me,” Ye Xun replied.

“That’s a good one!” Bai Yanchuan laughed. “Come, let’s have a drink.”

Bai Yanchuan raised his glass to cheers with Ye Xun.

Even though Ye Xun said that Bai Yanchuan looked like a bad person, he still clinked glasses with him generously.

“Ms. Huo, a few businessmen are interested in the project, and they want to meet you later,” Bai Yanchuan then said.

“Oh, no problem,” Huo Sanyan nodded.

A few minutes later, Bai Yanchuan guided a few men back.

Bai Yanchuan introduced Huo Sanyan to them.

As one of the men shook hands with Huo Sanyan, he was gazing at her from top to bottom as if he was looking at tasty prey.

Ye Xun quickly pulled Huo Sanyan’s hand back and shook hands with that man instead.

Bai Yanchuan int

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