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Chapter 1786: Sticking Together

Almost all of the servants were servicing Jing Xi for the past four months which resulted in her gaining a lot of weight.

When Jing Xi stood on the scale after showering, she couldn’t believe the number that was on the scale.

60 kgs.

“Oh, shit! Am I a pig now?” Jing Xi exclaimed as she stared at the number and realized the reason was that Huo Yunshen had been making a lot of food for her lately.

“What? You’re not fat! Even if you become a pig, you’ll be the cutest pig in the world.”

Huo Yunshen laughed as he hugged Jing Xi from behind.

“You know it’s your fault, right?” Jing Xi scolded. “I have to go on a diet tomorrow!”

“Diet? Sure thing. But you can start losing weight now too.” Huo Yunshen smiled as he picked her up. “I’ll do my best to help you exercise.”

And as Huo Yunshen had said, Jing Xi got a great “workout” and passed out from fatigue after that.

Even though the scar was still present on Jing Xi’s face, it did not affect how much Huo Yunshen loved her.

Their relationship was even better than before. As long as they had the time, the two of them could always be spotted together.

The king had been different ever since he’d gotten the queen back. Whether it was in the palace or in public, a smile could always be seen on his face. He was truly happy.

It was a happiness that could not be faked or hidden.

Huo Yunshen wasn’t the only one who was affected by the change. With their mother back, the children were able to grow happily like Ying Bao used to.

The little princess also grew quickly. With her eyes open now, people could tell how much she looked like her mother.

The little princess’s siblings argued over what she should be named.

And after a lengthy discussion, they finally decided to call her Little Strawberry.

Huo Yunshen also gave his daughter another name, her real name. Huo Sisi was the little princess’s name.

Ying Bao also got a new name. Huo Yunshen named her Huo Yinyin.

Ever since her mother came back, Huo Yinyin slowly regained her former cheerful personality.

She even reopened her live-streaming account. But she wasn’t selling succulents anymore and was sharing her daily life with her siblings instead.

Her channel attracted more viewers than before as people were curious as to what the life of royalty was like.

With everything going back to normal, the only thing that was left was Jing Xi’s plastic surgery.

When Little Strawberry was six months old, Huo Yunshen arranged the plastic surgery for his wife.

“Yunshen, I’m scared…” Jing Xi voiced her concern just outside the surgery room. “What if the surgery fails? What if I become even scarier than now?”

“Don’t worry. I believe in the doctor. You will definitely regain your original face. We’ll be waiting outside.”

Huo Yunshen kissed his wife and saw her off to the surgery room.

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