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Chapter 1781: A Tinge Of Anticipation

“Yeah, I just hope he can also have a good ending!”

“He will. As long as he comes back and is willing to stay, I will give him the best life as thanks.”

This was Huo Yunshen’s promise. After all, that person was his real brother from the same mother.

After talking about this, Huo Yunshen said again, “Jing Xi, I have another piece of good news to tell you!”

“What news?”

“I already invited the world’s best plastic surgeon in restoration and he can help you restore your appearance. Jing Xi, I believe you will be able to become yourself again not too long from now.”

Jing Xi felt a tinge of anticipation in her heart when she heard this. She really hoped there really was a person as good as he said that could help give her back her original appearance.

Even if it wasn’t a hundred percent the same, she would be satisfied if he could get rid of the ugly scars on her face.

It didn’t take long for news of the Dragon Kingdom’s queen coming back from the dead and Jing Xi being alive to spread to all corners of the world.

Many fans felt unbelievably happy when they learned Jing Xi was alive. Many fans left comments giving their blessings on the ‘Prince Jing’ Weibo page.

She came back. Not only did she come back alive, but she even became the Dragon Kingdom’s queen.

Everyone thought Jing Xi was a legendary woman!

After three months, Mo Yutian returned to the Dragon Kingdom. He saw the news and after he heard that the Dragon Kingdom’s queen had returned, he wanted to come back to confirm it with his own eyes even more.

His return was met with an enthusiastic welcome and reception by the palace and he saw the king Huo Yunshen in the Triumph Palace.

“I heard Jing Xi returned. Is it true?”

Mo Yutian couldn’t help but ask this. After he asked, he felt he was a bit rash so he added, “I don’t have any other intention. I am just concerned that if Jing Xi is back, does this mean Little Apple and the others have their real mother?”

“I understand. She is back. Moreover, when she heard you are coming back, she also wanted to see you,” Huo Yunshen said.

“See me?”

Mo Yutian’s impression of Jing Xi was that she still had some reservations towards him in her heart. He didn’t know why she would want to see him.

“She is here.”

Huo Yunshen turned his head sideways to look somewhere and Mo Yutian also followed suit and looked over. However, the moment he saw her, he was shocked.

The person he saw was clearly Jin Xiaoxi!

Mo Yutian was astonished. He unconsciously stood up and looked towards the person who came over.

Could it be that Jin Xiaoxi was Jing Xi?

“Brother Heiniu, long time no see. I trust you have been well since we last met.”

Jing Xi was currently almost seven-months pregnant. She walked over while carrying a huge tummy. She stopped in front of him and greeted him with a smile.

Mo Yutian was already unable to describe

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