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Chapter 1806: Embarrassing

Ye Xun was trying to tell Huo Sanyan five words.

[I’m sorry! I love you!]

As the man kept waving the flag under the building, he began to attract more and more attention. Huo Sanyan began to wonder if the man that was known as the country’s general had any pride or not.

Even if Ye Xun wasn’t embarrassed by his actions, Huo Sanyan was. She quickly took out her phone and called him.

Ye Xun had been waiting for her call and quickly answered it.


“That’s enough. I’m begging you, please stop. Don’t interrupt my work. Hurry up and take those things away. You have 20 minutes. That’s an order!”

Huo Sanyan said what she wanted to say and hung up the call.

Ye Xun was utterly stupefied. He was puzzled as to why Huo Sanyan wasn’t touched by his actions.

He had seen people proposing using the same method, and the women would always end up in touching tears. Some would even run into their men’s arms.

But Huo Sanyan was different.

She wasn’t even slightly moved.

Just as Ye Xun was thinking of how to dispose of all the tomatoes, a cleaning lady walked past him. Ye Xun stopped the cleaning lady and gave her all the tomatoes he’d bought, which made the cleaning lady really happy.

Huo Sanyan looked at Ye Xun giving the tomatoes to the cleaning lady and then stabbing the flag into the grass next to him before leaving without turning back.

She looked at his lonely back, and she felt like she was being stabbed in the heart.

She began to question herself as to why she was treating Ye Xun poorly.

She admitted that Ye Xun was a great person, and she wanted to have a good relationship with him. But the point was that she couldn’t.

And the most likely reason she could find was that she wasn’t that deeply in love with him.

Huo Sanyan had her company’s stylist help her style her hair after work for the party.

She then changed into a black dress with a jacket over it.

She walked out of the building and found a car already waiting for her. She guessed that it was Bai Yanchuan’s car.

Bai Yanchuan had called her beforehand, telling her that he would send his driver because he had an urgent matter to attend to.

Huo Sanyan walked towards the car, and the driver, who was standing in front of the car, opened the door for her.

“Ms. Huo, Mr. Bai has ordered me to pick you up,” the driver greeted.

“Thank you.”

Just as Huo Sanyan was about to get into the car, a military off-road vehicle rammed into the back of the luxury car.

Bai Yanchuan’s car was instantly pushed away. When the driver came to his senses, the car was already not in front of him anymore.

The window of the off-road vehicle rolled down, and behind it was a man in a pair of sunglasses. Even though part of his face was covered with sunglasses, it wasn’t hard to tell he was good looking.

Huo Sanyan just stared at the man as she was still recovering from what had happe

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