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Chapter 1801: Stunned

Without any other choices left, Ye Xun thought of phoning someone for help.

But his phone was on the bedside table, and his arms were still tied.

Unable to reach the table with his hands, Ye Xun turned and used his legs. Luckily enough, he had long legs and was able to grab his phone.

Ye Xun laughed as he thought he finally could get free…until he found out the battery was drained from excessive gaming the day before.

Ye Xun stared at his phone helplessly as he was left with one choice left: JS’s distress call device.

As soon as the device was activated, the HQ of JS was notified that one of their VIPs was in distress. They immediately sent out a team that was deployed in the Dragon Kingdom to perform a rescue mission.

When the best of JS kicked Ye Xun’s door down, they were all stunned by what they saw.

What did they see?

The former JS First Platoon Vice Commander, Dragon Kingdom’s General, tied to the bed naked. The first thought that came to the rescuers’ heads was that Ye Xun had been raped.

Ye Xun was finally saved, and he quickly put on his clothes as he thanked the mercenaries.

He even ordered them to keep what they saw a secret.

It would be a disaster if the world knew what had happened to Ye Xun. His fame and heroic stories that he risked his life countless times for would all go down the drain.

After tidying himself up, Ye Xun went to look for Huo Sanyan for two reasons. One, he was worried about her wound, and two, there was no way he was letting her meet Bai Yanchuan alone.

But he had no idea where to look for her, and he knew he couldn’t call her. That was why Ye Xun decided to ask Jing Xi for help.

The moment Jing Xi heard that Ye Xun wanted her to ask where Huo Sanyan was, she could guess that they were fighting again. Thus, she agreed to help him.

Not long after Ye Xun ended his call with Jing Xi, he got a call back from her, telling him that Huo Sanyan had gone to the hospital and was on her way to meet Bai Yanchuan.

The second part made Ye Xun anxious as he began to worry that Huo Sanyan might leave him for Bai Yanchuan.

To stop that tragedy from happening, Ye Xun quickly jumped into his car and drove to Blue Mountain Café, where Huo Sanyan and Bai Yanchuan were going to meet.

Huo Sanyan went straight to the café after leaving the hospital. The waiter guided her in, and she noticed Bai Yanchuan sitting by the table next to the window.

“Sorry to have kept you waiting.”

Huo Sanyan apologized as she sat down and put her bag on the seat beside her.

“No worries.” Bai Yanchuan smiled. “I just arrived, myself. What do you want to drink?”


Bai Yanchuan then called the waiter over and helped Huo Sanyan order a latte. When he turned back, he was shocked to see a band-aid under her bangs.

“What happened to your forehead? Did you get hurt?”

“Oh… yeah… I just came from the hospital. Is it that obvio

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