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Chapter 1761: Turn Her Face Red And Make Her Heart Beat Faster

“I got it. Your majesty, give me some time to fill up the tub.”

Jing Xi felt that she was very stupid in her heart. She actually couldn’t even find the bathroom.

Huo Yunshen initially wanted to tell her how to operate the appliances inside. However, after thinking about it, he decided to just let her figure it out herself.

He got out and went to wait in the bedroom outside. Jing Xi stayed inside and started preparing to fill the tub.

She cleaned the bathtub before filling it with water. She then started running the water.

This bathroom was equipped with smart appliances and, unexpectedly, Jing Xi knew how to operate them. While the tub was being filled, she looked around the bathroom.

There were some female skincare products on the dressing table. She picked one up and saw from the date that they were all new.

How strange. Were these all prepared in advance? Were they all prepared for her?

She stood in front of the mirror and looked in it. The moment she closed her eyes, a bright light suddenly shot into her eyes.

Fragmented images suddenly flashed in her mind. It was as if she saw a man and a woman in each other’s arms in the mirror, the man’s kiss lingering…

The image disappeared very quickly. Jing Xi felt astonished. Why would she recall such an embarrassing image?

When she felt that the tub was about to be full, Jing Xi came in front of the bathtub, knelt down, and reached out with her hand to check the water temperature.

And right at that moment, a strange scene emerged in her mind once again. To her surprise, she saw a man and a woman loving each other passionately in the bathtub. Although it was only a fragmented image, it was still enough to turn her face red and make her heart beat faster.

Jing Xi couldn’t take it anymore and slapped her own face. Why did she keep thinking about such dirty things?

She asked his majesty not to do such things, but in the end, she herself had such dirty thoughts. This really was too much!

Just as she was spacing out, Huo Yunshen came in. He only came in because he heard the sounds of water dripping.

As expected, he saw a woman spacing out next to the bathtub. What was she thinking about?

Was she thinking of her past with him?

“The water is already dripping out!” Huo Yunshen came beside her and reminded her. She had already filled the bathtub to the brim and the water was flowing out but she was completely unaware.

Jing Xi regained her senses and saw that the water was flowing out. She shouted out in shock and got up frantically, wanting to close the tap. Her legs ended up slipping and she couldn’t stand still. Just as she was about to fall down, she unconsciously wanted to grab anything that she could that was around her.

She ended up grabbing Huo Yunshen’s collar.

In order to prevent her from falling into the bathtub, Huo Yunshen quickly held her. However,

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