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Chapter 1776: Finally

Jing Xi was shocked as Huo Yunshen took the ring from her and put it on her ring finger.

The moment the ring was put on her finger, everything that had happened three years ago came back to her. The romantic night on her birthday three years ago…

Huo Yunshen had prepared a romantic dinner for her and put the same ring on her finger that night.

It was then that she finally remembered everything.

The man in front of her, the king of the Dragon Kingdom, was the man she loved the most, Huo Yunshen.

She looked at him as tears began to fall. She turned to look at her friends as their faces became familiar once again.

They had all been forgotten by her, but now, she could remember all the happy times she’d spent with them.

She remembered everything.

“I remember now… I remember everyone… I finally remember… I’m Jing Xi…”

Jing Xi cried like a kid.

“Jing Xi…”

Jing Xi being able to regain her memory was the most significant news for Huo Yunshen.

He stood up from his wheelchair and hugged her.

“You’re finally back. Everyone has been waiting…”

Huo Yunshen sobbed as the couple hugged each other tightly.

Tears were present on everyone’s face.

They finally got Jing Xi back, and she finally got to be together with Huo Yunshen again. But she couldn’t say anything and just kept on crying in Huo Yunshen’s arms.

“Jing Xi, welcome back.”

“You’re finally back.”

“We’ve been waiting…”

Jing Xi could hear her friends’ voices.

They came around and hugged her.

It was a touching moment.

Jing Xi had finally found herself and learned who she really was. The guests left after that, leaving the couple to mend their lost time.

Both Jing Xi and Huo Yunsehn looked at each other affectionately.

“Jing Xi, do you know? This is my best birthday ever. The best present that I’ve ever gotten is you,” Huo Yunshen said with tears in his eyes.

Jing Xi also stared at him, her heart melting away.

It wasn’t easy for her to suddenly remember everything as she had to accept reality.

She had no idea how to face the man in front of her. When he tried to hug her again, she took a step back.

She apologized and ran away, saying that she wanted some time alone to think.

She ran to the bathroom and stared at herself in the mirror. She looked at the scar on her face, and tears began to fall again.

She never minded people calling her ugly because of the scar, but now, her friends and family could not recognize her because of it.

Knowing that she might not be able to regain her face, she felt her heart tighten.

Huo Yunshen stood by the door and saw her crying through the crack. It hurt him to see that.

He had been causing her too much trouble in the past few months. He knew that telling her the truth would impact her significantly.

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