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Chapter 1766: No One Would’ve Believed It

Xiao Yuqian had heard about all the tragedies that Jing Xi had gone through.

Jing Xi reappeared in the music industry with her unique voice and became one of the most successful singers ever. It was unable to achieve, and yet Jing Xi managed to do so.

“Thank you.”

Jing Xi smiled and took her face mask off, showing the scar on her face. The moment Xiao Yuqian saw the scar, tears filled her eyes.

In her heart, Jing Xi had always been a woman who was elegant and full of pride.

With her memories and beauty lost, Jing Xi had to go through ups and downs just to get to where she was.

Seeing Xiao Yuqian made Jing Xi feel bad, and tears filled her eyes too.

Jing Xi felt that Xiao Yuqian wasn’t like she thought. Unlike the strong woman that Xiao Yuqian was portrayed as, she was more of an emotional person.

After chatting for a while, Huo Yunshen suggested going to other places. Xiao Yuqian saw them off with a smile.

“My king, did something bad happened to Miss Xiao? Why is she crying?” Jing Xi asked when they were in the car.

“Those were tears of happiness. She finally got to see an old friend.”

“I see…” Jing Xi nodded, thinking that old friend was Huo Yunshen. “Where are we going next?”

“Juxing Entertainment.”

The car stopped in front of Juxing’s building not long after. Yi Xiao was already waiting at the door.

“Young master!” Yi Xiao greeted as soon as Huo Yunshen got out of the car. He then turned to look at the woman next to Huo Yunshen. Knowing that she was Jing Xi, Yi Xiao couldn’t help but smile warmly.

“Nice to meet you, Miss Jing.”

“Nice to meet you too, Mr. Yi.” Jing Xi smiled as she shook Yi Xiao’s hand.

Yi Xiao then invited them into the company. While walking towards the CEO’s office, Jing Xi had a weird feeling that everyone was being very polite to her.

As they chatted, Jing Xi heard Fang Xiaocheng’s name in the conversation and recalled what the kids have reminded her.

The chat didn’t last long, and they went to the studio where Huang Guoqiang was directing a movie.

Learning that Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi were visiting, Huang Guoqiang left all the work to his assistant director to greet them.

Huang Guoqiang was touched to see an old friend, a legend that rose from an actor to a leader of a country.

Huang Guoqiang also saw Jing Xi. Seeing her ruined face, Huang Guoqiang sighed in pity but was also glad that she was alive.

There was nothing more important than staying alive.

“Miss Jing, do you want to see how we work?” Huang Guoqiang invited.

“Can I? It would be an honor!”

Jing Xi followed them into the studio. Jing Xi found it magical to be able to watch a movie from behind the scenes.

The crew was preparing a scene where a terrorist group had caused continuous bombings on the street, and the hero would appear to save the citizens.

Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen stood next to the director’s se

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