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Chapter 1809: Weird Phenomenon

“Fine, I’ll go. He’s my guest after all,” Bai Yanchuan said.

He went and greeted Ye Xun and brought him back to Huo Sanyan and joked, “Do you two know each other?”

Huo Sanyan stared at Ye Xun, and Ye Xun quickly chased the girls that were trying to get close to her.

Ye Xun then extended his hand and said, “Isn’t this the queen of Kaidi that’s beloved by the people of the Dragon Kingdom?”

“You and your sweet talk!” Huo Sanyan scolded. “And here I was thinking about why you wanted to come. You’re just here because there are a lot of pretty ladies here, aren’t you?”

Ye Xun smiled and lowered his head to whisper into Huo Sanyan’s ear.

“What? Did you get jealous because I was talking to other girls?”

“Me? Jealous? That’s funny!”

Huo Sanyan scolded him and drank her glass of champagne in one go.

Ye Xun smiled and got a glass for himself from the waiter too. Seeing Huo Sanyan jealous because he was talking to other girls, Ye Xun was glad, because it meant she still cared about him.

Since a lot of people didn’t know that Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan were a couple, a few ladies still tried to get Ye Xun’s autograph from him.

“General Ye! Can… can I have your autograph? I’m a fan of yours…”

A teenage girl stood in front of Ye Xun and begged him. Ye Xun smiled and signed his autograph for her.

“Can… can I take a photo with you too?”

Ye Xun looked at Huo Sanyan. If Huo Sanyan did not mind, Ye Xun was planning to fulfill the girl’s wish.

Since Huo Sanyan seemed like she wasn’t going to say anything, Ye Xun was about to accept but was abruptly cut off by Huo Sanyan’s voice.

“I’m sorry, little girl, but taking a photo of the General is a violation of the country’s law.”

Disappointed, the girl sighed and left.

Huo Sanyan then turned and saw that Ye Xun was smiling at her.

“What are you smiling at?”

“Well, because you’re cute,” Ye Xun replied.

Huo Sanyan just stared at him and didn’t say anything.

Even Huo Sanyan herself had no idea what had just happened to her. She thought that she didn’t care about the man in front of her, but when she saw him talking to another woman, she felt dejected.

It was as if her heart was telling her that the man in front of her was hers.

What Huo Sanyan had no idea about was that Ye Xun’s heart was also telling him the same thing. After that, a weird phenomenon occurred.

All of the men that tried to flirt or talk with Huo Sanyan were interrupted by Ye Xun. He used all kinds of reasons to help Huo Sanyan decline all invitations.

Huo Sanyan was getting furious as the whole point of attending the party was to get to know more people and do some business.

Since Ye Xun wasn’t going to let her talk with other men, Huo Sanyan did the same thing back to him.

All of the ladies that tried to invite Ye Xun to dance were all declined by Huo Sanyan.

Not long after that, most of the people that came in p

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