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Chapter 1805: Dress Up

Ye Xun stared at Bai Yanchuan, as if he was telling him to not challenge his limits.

“9 tonight, at Shengjing Hotel. I’ll see you there.”

Bai Yanchuan said this and left, leaving Ye Xun staring at him.

Huo Sanyan was still sitting by the table waiting for Bai Yanchuan to return. They did not converse any further and were about to leave.

“Let me drive you to your company,” Bai Yanchuan offered.

“Oh, thank you, but I brought my own car today.” Huo Sanyan politely declined as she shook her car keys in her hand.

“I see. Then I’ll come and pick you up tonight.”

“Okay. Let me know beforehand.”

Huo Sanyan and Bai Yanchuan left the café and got into their own cars.

Ye Xun was hiding in the dark and let out a sigh of relief when his woman got into her own car instead of another man’s car.

He then thought of the party that night and knew that he had to dress well, at least better than Bai Yanchuan.

He had to think of ways to get his woman to look at him.

Huo Sanyan went back to her office and started to focus on work.

But just as she flipped open the document in front of her, a message came in. She peeked at her phone and saw that it was from Ye Xun.

[How’s the wound? I didn’t have the chance to ask you just now. (worried emoji).]

Huo Sanuyan sighed. She knew Ye Xun well enough to know that if she didn’t reply, he would just keep spamming her, or even worse, he might just show up at the office.

[I’m fine. Stop texting me. I’m busy!] Huo Sanyan replied.

She picked the pen up, and before she could write a word, she got another message.

[Can you forgive me? It really was an accident…]

Huo Sanyan scolded at her phone as she texted back.

[I’m not mad anymore! I forgive you! Now buzz off!]

This time, another message came in before she could put her phone down.

[Come to the window.]

Wondering what Ye Xun was planning again, Huo Sanyan got up and went to the window wall.

She could see the plaza that was in front of her company from the window.

And on the plaza, she spotted Ye Xun looking at her.

When Ye Xun saw Huo Sanyan by the window, he pointed to his side. Huo Sanyan’s eyes followed where Ye Xun was looking at and saw a huge red heart on the floor.

Inside the heart was her name.

Not only did Huo Sanyan notice it, but the whole company could also clearly see it.

“Look! Is someone confessing to our president?”

“Oh my! Are those all tomatoes?”

“I’ve seen people do it with candles or roses, but using tomatoes is definitely a first!”

“But it’s still romantic, isn’t it?”

Almost none of Kaidi’s employees had any idea about what Huo Sanyan’s love life was like. They had no idea that she even had a boyfriend.

They always thought of her as a strong independent woman, and no one was able to win her heart.

Ye Xun then made a heart with his arms, telling Huo Sanyan that he loved her.

Then he

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