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Chapter 1783: An Enormous Shift

Even though he was not his real father, the feeling was even stronger than if he were. Such a deep father and son relationship could only be built through constant interaction.

Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi saw this scene while standing to the side and felt really moved.

Huo Yunshen knew what this felt like. He was such a child himself, as he had been adopted by the Huo family and he would treat members of the Huo family as his real family.

No matter how much time passed, that kind of closeness could never be replaced.

Mo Yutian acted very tenderly toward the child for a long time. When he was finally about to go, Little Apple hugged his leg and was reluctant to let go.

Mo Yutian told him, “Dad won’t leave. I will live in this city in the future. We will be able to see each other often.”

Although Little Apple understood him, he was still not willing to let go. He was worried his dad was lying to him and would leave without saying goodbye like the last time.

“Niuniu, your dad isn’t lying to you. We will bring you to see dad’s new home right now.”

Jing Xi and Huo Yunshen brought Little Apple together to Mo Yutian’s new house so that he would believe them.

His new house was a private residence not far from the palace. When Mo Yutian arrived at his new house, he saw his mother.

The senior citizen had missed him so much from being apart for so many years. Now that she saw him appear alive and well, she was so happy she cried.

Su Wanqin heard he would be staying this time and this made her feel extremely happy.

It was only after Little Apple saw the new house that he believed his dad wouldn’t leave him. This was so wonderful. He would be able to see his dad often in the future.

Everything was moving in a good direction. Jing Xi’s life could also be put on a path of happiness.

She was pregnant but would still go often to the company to record new songs. Moreover, the songs she had been singing recently were all songs personally written for her by Huo Yunshen.

The style of the new songs was an enormous shift from the previous songs. It added a sense of change in one’s life and also included a strong sense of joy.

The response was very good every time a new song came out.

Jing Xi had already released a new album under the stage name of Evening Star called Back View. The fans that liked her also spontaneously became a strong supporting force.

When it got closer to the time of birth, Jing Xi had already become a priority target to protect. The entire palace did not dare to become even the slightest bit sloppy.

There was no one more nervous than Huo Yunshen. Whenever he thought about how perfectly he’d missed the previous two times Jing Xi gave birth, he decided that this time, in order to not miss his child’s arrival, he would change his schedule entirely.

He canceled all visits abroad, and after he finished dealing with the country’s affair

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