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Chapter 1788: Wedding

Jing Xi let out a breath of relief after hearing what her family and friends had said.

“You’re back…”

Huo Yunshen gasped as he pulled Jing Xi into his arms.

“You’re as beautiful as ever,” Ye Xun praised.

“Thank you.” Jing Xi smiled.

Everyone was happy, including the children who saw their mother regain her original face.

“Mommy! You’re so pretty!” the children cried out as they hugged their mother.

Even the seven-month-old Little Strawberry extended her little arms wanting her mother’s hug.

“Can she recognize me?” Jing Xi asked as she took Little Strawberry from Lan Yi.

“Come on. Let’s go home,” Huo Yunshen said.

“Yay! We can go home with mommy!” the children cheered.

The two boys hopped in front of their father while Ying Bao held his hand. With Little Strawberry in Jing Xi’s arms, the family went back home happily.

A row of luxurious cars was waiting outside the hospital.

Huo Yunshen took his family into an open-top limo that was decorated with flowers.

The others boarded the other cars that were in the line.

After making sure everyone was in, the cars slowly left for the palace.

Jing Xi realized the city was different, as the streets had been redecorated.

White and light purple could be seen all around the city. Jing Xi thought that she was in a fairytale.

People of the Dragon Kingdom stood by the roadsides with flowers in their hands as they welcomed the royalty.

“Yunshen, is today a holiday? Why is everyone outside on the streets?” Jing Xi asked the man that was sitting beside her.

“Today is an important day,” Huo Yunshen whispered into Jing Xi’s ear. “Today is the wedding of the king and the queen.”

“What?’ Jing Xi gasped. “You mean our wedding?”


“Weren’t we married in Zstan?”

Jing Xi was dumbfounded, as they’d had their wedding four years back.

“We did, but the wedding today is for the world to see. I want them to witness you becoming my wife, my queen, and making me the happiest person in the world.”

Huo Yunshen smiled softly.

It was then that Jing Xi finally realized why Huo Yunshen was so well dressed.

Because he had secretly prepared a wedding to celebrate with the whole country.

Jing Xi was deeply touched as she looked at her husband with tears in her eyes. Being able to marry was the biggest happiness in her life.

As the cars moved towards the palace, the people cheered for them.

“Look! The queen is so pretty!”

“I see the princes and princesses! They look so happy!”

“Even the king is smiling!”

“And the baby in the queen’s arms! Is that our new princess?”

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