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Chapter 1780: Like She Used To

“Thank you for taking Jing Xi back home,” Huo Yunshen said to Helian Qingyu.

“You don’t have to thank me. It’s my responsibility, too,” Helian Qingyu smiled.

They went back into the palace, and the children showed Jing Xi around.

Jing Xi realized that the palace had changed a lot in the last few days when she was gone. The palace used to be quiet and dead, but now it was different.

The garden was filled with chamomile while the interior was filled with roses. Pictures of Jing Xi were now hung on the wall too.

They were pictures that detailed the story of Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi.

Pictures of the children, their family, their friends, and pictures of Jing Xi becoming a world-renowned actress were hung on the wall.

Even her story as Ye Fanxing was shown.

The most special part was the huge oil painting that took up an entire wall.

Huo Yunshen copied his father-in-law and hired a well-known artist to draw Jing Xi from the side.

It was a present from Huo Yunshen to his wife.

Everyone in the palace started to address Jing Xi as their queen.

She had become one of the owners of the palace.

When night fell, Huo Yunshen took his wife back to the bedroom as their children followed them.

It was a heartwarming night as Ying Bao and her brothers lay beside their parents. They were listening to their mother telling them a bedtime story, just like she used to.

After Jing Xi finished the story, both the adults kissed their kids goodnight.

The children fell asleep not long after.

Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi stared at each other across the bed as they held hands.

“Jing Xi, having you with us is the best. We are all very happy now.”

The days without Jing Xi were hell to Huo Yunshen.

He lived like a zombie every day as if he was being punished.

“Me too. The trip back to you was like an adventure for me. I never thought that the two people I met at the Star Kingdom would actually turn out to be Mo Yutian and Little Apple,” Jing Xi said as she touched Little Apple’s face. It was a miracle for them. Jing Xi took care of her own blood without knowing it.

She was lucky to have met Mo Yutian, who took great care of her son.

“Yunshen… I actually married Mo Yutian without knowing who he was…” Jing Xi sighed. “I never thought things would turn out like this. I feel sorry for him.”

Jing Xi could not help but think of everything that had happened between them and Mo Yutian. But in the end, the only words she wanted to tell him were “Thank you.”

“I know. He told me everything. The one he married was Jin Xiaoxi, not Jing Xi. If he learns that you’re back, he’ll definitely come back to see you.”

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