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Chapter 1800: Enjoy It Yourself

Realizing that Huo Sanyan might’ve tripped because of the string, Ye Xun quickly untied it and helped Huo Sanyan up.

“Yanyan! Are you alright?”

As Ye Xun helped Huo Sanyan up, he was shocked to see that her forehead was bleeding, and he panicked.

“Your forehead is bleeding!” Ye Xun exclaimed.

Huo Sanyan looked at the string on the floor then the mark on her leg.

“Is this your doing?” Huo Sanyan scolded.

Ye Xun nodded as an answer.

“Are you crazy? What is wrong with you? Are you that worried that I might run away? How can you do this while I’m asleep! You’re… I don’t even know what to say anymore! Look at my head!”

Huo Sanyan was too angry and began to cry.

“I’m sorry… Let me get you to the hospital!” Ye Xun said as he went to look for his clothes.

But as soon as Ye Xun got up, Huo Sanyan pushed him onto the bed and grabbed the belts that he had used the night before to tie him up.

“You pervert! You like S&M play, do you? I’ll let you enjoy it to the fullest today!”

Huo Sanyan scolded as she hit him.

She was already at her limit.

Ye Xun did not fight back. He knew he was in the wrong. He knew that he should not have tied her up. That was why he let her hit him without even expressing his pain.

Huo Sanyan kept hitting him until a call came in.

She noticed Bai Yanchuan’s name on the caller ID and picked it up.

“Mr. Bai?”

The moment Ye Xun heard Bai Yanchuan’s name, it immediately caught his attention.

Bai Yanchuan could tell Huo Sanyan was puffing slowly from the other side of the phone and asked if she was okay.

“Oh, I’m fine,” Huo Sanyan laughed. “I just got back from a run.”

Ye Xun stared at Huo Sanyan lying like it was a natural thing to do. He smiled as he remembered someone told him to never believe a woman’s words.

Huo Sanyan touched her forehead while on the phone and realized it was still bleeding.

It pained Ye Xun to see her injured. All he wanted to do at that moment was to take her to the hospital. He shook his hands, signaling Huo Sanyan to release him.

But Huo Sanyan ignored him and left the bed.

“Okay. I’ll see you later at the Blue Mountain Café. Yep. Goodbye.”

Huo Sanyan ended the call and went to clean herself up.

“Yanyan, let me go. Let me take you to the hospital,” Ye Xun begged.

“Why do I need you to take me? I can go on my own. I thought you liked this kind of play? Just enjoy it.”

Huo Sanyan quickly dressed and left for the hospital.

She even gave all the servants a day off before leaving so that no one could help Ye Xun.

After Huo Sanyan had left, Ye Xun lay on the bed naked.

He tried to release himself, but he knew the effort was useless as he was the one who had the belt specially made so that no one could escape.

He started to yell for help, hoping one of the servants could help him.

But no matter how much he cried, no one came to his assistance.


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