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Chapter 1808: Jealous

Yes, you’re right!

Ye Xun agreed quietly and showed his arm to Huo Sanyan.

“Come on.”

But Huo Sanyan did not grab his arm. When Ye Xun turned and looked, Huo Sanyan was already walking into the hotel.

“Hey! Wait up!”

Ye Xun chased after Huo Sanyan and caught up with her in the lobby. Huo Sanyan stared at Ye Xun coldly with clear signs that she was annoyed.

“Come on, don’t be angry. It’ll ruin your good looks.” Ye Xun smiled as he grabbed Huo Sanyan’s hand.

Huo Sanyan then let out a sigh. She had given up on arguing with Ye Xun.

“Fine. But don’t you dare interrupt me when I’m talking at the party, you hear me?” Huo Sanyan warned.

“Not a problem!” Ye Xun promised.

“And I’m going in alone too. We’ll just pretend that we don’t know each other!”


Ye Xun willingly agreed to all of Huo Sanyan’s conditions, as long as she was willing to let him stay.

Huo Sanyan walked into the main hall first and found Bai Yanchuan talking with a few hotshots in business and politics.

Bai Yanchuan was the host of the party. He was planning to gain more contacts in the Dragon Kingdom for further developments in the country.

Huo Sanyan garnered a lot of attention as soon as she walked into the hall due to her being the president of Kaidi and royalty.

Bai Yanchuan also noticed Huo Sanyan coming and quickly greeted her.

A lot of Bai Yanchuan’s guests were also eager to become acquainted with Huo Sanyan.

A few minutes later, shrieks of maidens could be heard near the door.

Everyone, including Huo Sanyan, turned to look at what the commotion was. What they saw was six military men guiding Ye Xun into the venue.

To Huo Sanyan, seeing Ye Xun was her everyday life; but to other women, he was a legend.

Ye Xun was the youngest General in the world. Not only was he good looking, but he had also achieved a lot for the Dragon Kingdom in the past three years.

He was one of the men that women in the Dragon Kingdom dreamt of having as their husband.

“It’s Ye Xun! General Ye!”

“It’s such an honor to be able to meet him!”

“I’m so getting his autograph later!”

“Count me in!”

Huo Sanyan’s lips twitched as she heard the women beside her discussing Ye Xun. She secretly laughed inside her head, as they had no idea what kind of person Ye Xun really was.

He was the type of person who would pick his nose and fart everywhere. If people knew that their prince charming was like that, they would never shriek for him.

Huo Sanyan had been staying with Ye Xun for long enough to know all his shortcomings.

But when Huo Sanyan saw Ye Xun being surrounded by girls, she became a little jealous.

She regretted permitting him to join her at the party because he would become the center of attention for every girl present.

“Oh, it’s Mr. Ye.” Bai Yanchuan smiled. “Come on, let’s got greet him.”

“What for? Didn’t we just see him this morning?” Hu

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