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Chapter 1785: Being Served By Her Man Was Simply Too Wonderful

“I like my little sister the most. When she grows up, I will buy beautiful dresses for her!”

“I also like the little sister my mother gave birth to. I will bring her to go and play!”

While listening to the children’s lively discussion with every one of them talking at the same time, everyone could imagine that this little princess who came so late would definitely be loved and be doted on by a great number of people.

“Mom, can you let me hold her?”

Mo Yutian looked at the little baby at the side and his heart sighed incessantly. This was the second time he saw Jing Xi give birth. Looking at her child was like looking at his own child.

He still remembered that when Little Apple and Little Grape were born, he was the first one to take the children from the nurse. Perhaps it was from that point onward that he had a special relationship with Little Apple.

When he looked at the little baby in his embrace right now, his heart also melted into a mess. He was so happy that it was as though he’d also just had a daughter.

Everyone was looking at the child. Not long after, Jing Xi was sent out and was pushed into the king’s VIP ward.

Everyone also followed her here. Ye Xun and Huo Sanyan both came to congratulate her.

Jing Xi felt she was the most blessed woman. This was the third time she became a mother. It was fortunate everything went smoothly and without a hitch. She had so many people who accompanied her and cared about her. The most important was that her husband was constantly beside her.

During the time Jing Xi stayed at the hospital, Huo Yunshen was with her twenty-four hours a day. He would care for her in every way possible at all times.

He also took care of the little baby extremely well. He might have been even more meticulous than the nurses when feeding and tending to the baby.

She stayed at the hospital for seven days. Jing Xi really felt like she was living like a queen. Being served by her man was simply too wonderful.

“Husband, don’t you have to go back to work?” Jing Xi was worried he wouldn’t have time to handle the country’s affairs if he stayed in the ward every day.

“What work? My main responsibility right now is to help you and the child.”

There was no need to worry at all. Huo Yunshen could already handle work and life with ease. The current him could once again become a father. He was in a good mood and was full of energy. He had an immense amount of vigor that could not be depleted every day.

At this time, the baby in the crib cried. Jing Xi lifted her head and took a glance. “Oh my, the baby is crying again.”

“Don’t move! I will go take a look!”

Huo Yunshen came beside the crib and looked at his crying baby daughter. He coaxed her, “What is it, little baby? Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere? Did you poop again or are you hungry again?”

Huo Yunshen was very experienced. He put his fing

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