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Chapter 1755: He Also Needed Someone To Listen To Him

He continued to observe. However, from start to finish, she was very cautious and meticulous; she didn’t touch any of the things inside willy-nilly. She also worked earnestly and in a very orderly way.

It was only after she finished cleaning that she exited the room and closed the door.

Jing Xi pushed the cart back to the cleaning supply room. She then ran into the king in the hallway. She immediately reported, “Your majesty, the room has been cleaned. You can go examine it.”


Huo Yunshen nodded and instructed her, “Follow me there.”

“Oh, okay.”

Jing Xi followed him back to the golden-colored room. After they went in, Huo Yunshen looked at everything inside. It was clean, polished, and everything looked like it was where it was supposed to be.

“Do you know what this is?”

Huo Yunshen went in front of the bed, picked up a half-knitted sweater, and then asked.

“A half-knitted sweater,” Jing Xi replied.

“Yes, this is the sweater my wife Jing Xi knitted for Little Apple. She was halfway through knitting it when the child died. She couldn’t continue knitting because she was too sad. That’s why it was placed here until now.”

Huo Yunshen slowly started to talk about the past. Jing Xi found it hard to believe he actually started to talk about the sorrow in his heart with such a calm tone.

What did this mean?

Did it mean he also needed someone to listen to him?

Did it mean he was willing to share the sorrow in his heart?

“Jing Xiaoxi, I saw you pick up this sweater the last time. Do you know how to knit a sweater?” He tried inquiring again.

“Err… I’m also not sure. I only knitted two knots while I was passing by. I’m sorry your majesty. I must’ve been possessed by a ghost for me to do something stupid like touching your things. I’m really sorry!”

Jing Xi apologized sincerely for her previous stupid behavior once again.

“It is fine. Can you take this and try to see if you can continue knitting it? I hope this sweater can be completed,” Huo Yunshen said.

She understood what he meant but she still didn’t know why, “Your majesty, even if this sweater is finished, it would be too small. The prince simply won’t be able to put it on.”

“I know. I can keep it as a memento. It would definitely be better than it being knitted with just two knots. With it in this state, I’m always worried I might accidentally loosen the threads.” He gave a very good reason.

Jing Xi thought about it in detail for a while and then nodded to agree. “Okay then. I will try.”

Jing Xi took the half-knitted sweater.

After that, Huo Yunshen introduced some of the things in the room that carried significant memories. He started talking about his life with Jing Xi, sharing everything. Jing Xi listened attentively. Sometimes, she could even imagine the scenes he described.

Jing Xi listened to the king talk a lot that morning and it was

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