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Chapter 1741: Because Of A Miracle

“No, I just think… I initially thought if the queen came back, I could leave the palace at any time. I also wouldn’t tell anyone about this child. Now that you told others, once the queen comes back and finds out about this, won’t she feel hurt?”

Jing Xi felt that all women would feel sad and heartbroken if they knew their husband had a child with another woman.

She did not want to become a hindrance between the king and the queen and hoped the two lovers would be together in the end.

“She won’t.” Huo Yunshen looked at her with a confident gaze and said, “She will definitely not mind.”

Jing Xi didn’t know what she should say when she heard him say this. She lifted her head to look at the man but he had already turned around to look at the children.

She followed his gaze and looked over and saw the children playing very happily. Sounds of laughter could continuously be heard. The corner of Jing Xi’s mouth also couldn’t help but move up when hearing these joyous sounds.

After she spent a wonderful day with the children, she remembered she needed to attend the company’s dance tonight. And so, she said goodbye to the king in advance before leaving.

However, just as she returned to the room, she found her room filled with shelves and the shelves were all filled with beautiful and gorgeous skirts.

Jing Xi looked at the brands and she remembered that she had seen them in magazines in the past. These were all part of a fashion line by a famous designer.

Why were all of these beautiful clothes in her room?

Just as she was feeling puzzled, Auntie Lan brought a group of people in.

Auntie Lan already knew about Jin Xiaoxi’s identity. When she learned she was their queen, she became emotional for a long time.

It was no wonder she felt an indescribable familiarity the first time she saw her. It turned out she was their queen all along.

It was fine now. The queen accidentally came back and the children also slowly became lively under her care.

Moreover, the palace was no longer a cold winter but instead, it was as if spring had been ushered in.

This was all because of a miracle, because their queen came back.

Right now, however, until the queen regained her memory of who she was, they would still address her how they used to. “Xiaoxi, I heard you are attending a dance tonight so I brought stylists to help you dress up.”

“There’s no need for the trouble, Auntie Lan!”

Jing Xi didn’t plan on putting on any makeup at all. She only planned to dress normally. With her face, there was no difference if she put on any makeup or not.

“There’s no trouble.”

Auntie Lan followed the king’s orders and waved her hand to ask the stylists to all come in.

After that, the stylists and makeup artists started to get busy. They put in a great effort, creating a beautiful hairstyle and also helping her put on a beautiful one-piece dress.

Jing Xi looked at he

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