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Chapter 1746: Not Enough

“I’ll go back too,” Huo Yunshen said and quickly chased after his wife.

Jing Xi came out from the hotel and looked for the car she came in, only to realize it wasn’t in the parking space anymore.

Thinking that the driver had left, she planned to hail a cab back to the palace.

But seconds into waiting for a cab to pass by, a super luxurious car stopped in front of her. The window rolled down, and behind it was a man with a mask on.

“Get in,” the man ordered.

“…” Jing Xi recognized the king’s car and shook her head. “Thank you for your offer, but I’ll take a cab back.”

“Do you have money?”

“Of co…” Jing Xi then realized that her handbag was not with her.

Just as she was about to go back to the event to look for her bag, Huo Yunshen raised her bag up in his hand.

“Your bag is here, get in.”

The driver opened the door for Jing Xi, and Huo Yunshen invited her in.

Jing Xi could only sigh and get into the car.

She was sitting in the same row as the king, and she felt pressured.

“Thank you for saving me tonight,” Jing Xi said, trying to break the awkwardness.

If not for Huo Yunshen, she might’ve been gravely injured from the fall.

“Do you think a thank you is enough?” Huo Yunshen asked without turning his head to look at Jing Xi.

Of course Jing Xi knew it wasn’t enough, but there was nothing else she could offer.

“What should I do then?” Jing Xi asked.

“Well, for starters, my arm hurts.”

Huo Yunshen extended one of his arms and shook it up and down. He even frowned to show that he might have a fracture.

Jing Xi knew that catching someone falling from such a height might cause some injuries. Now that Huo Yunshen was implying that he was hurt, she felt responsible.

“Let me have a look.”

Jing Xi gently pulled Huo Yunshen’s hand towards her and began to check on his arm.

Huo Yunshen realized that even though Jing Xi had lost her memories, she had still retained her understanding of Chinese medicine that she’d learned before.

“Good, I don’t think there’s any fracture,” Jing Xi said after checking Huo Yunshen’s right arm.

Huo Yunshen then extended his left arm for Jing Xi to check.

As Jing Xi’s hand ran down Huo Yunshen’s arm, he could feel a sting near his elbow.

Huo Yunshen took a deep breath, as it hurt a lot.

“Look’s like this arm is hurt. I think you should get an X-ray for that.”

Huo Yunshen knew that it probably was only a muscle tear, but he still agreed to go to the hospital seeing how worried Jing Xi was.

They then went to the hospital for an X-ray and handed the report to Huo Yunshen’s doctor.

“My liege, the muscles on your left arm are torn. You’ll have to rest for a while,” the doctor said.

Since Huo Yunshen and the doctor were alone, Huo Yunshen pulled the doctor closer and whispered something that made the doctor’s eyes widen.

Jing Xi was waiting for Huo Yunshen outside until he

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