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Chapter 1721: Verify Her Identity

“That Jin Hua is your older sister?”

“Yeah, that’s right.”

“You guys always lived on that small island in Starstan in the past?”


The two of them just chatted normally like this until they reached the palace’s entrance.

They were within the sights of all the servants. They all found this to be very strange. His majesty the king hated Jin Xiaoxi the most so why did he walk with her to the gate today?

After they entered, Jing Xi looked for an excuse to leave and she walked in another direction. Huo Yunshen stood in the hallway and stared at her back.

He was in deep thought.

Since she came back to the palace, Jing Xi kept on working busily until the night. She took care of the two princes until they fell asleep before she also finally entered deep into her dreamland on the bed from exhaustion.

The palace was silent at night.

Faint footsteps came closer and closer until they slowly stopped in front of the children’s room.

Huo Yunshen was a bit tipsy tonight. He had drunk some alcohol to give himself courage. At that moment, he took a deep breath as he stood in front of the door. It was as if he was a burglar in his own home.

The question he would have to face after this was a severe one.

He thought about it for a long time and decided he would inspect and verify Jin Xiaoxi’s identity tonight.

He would know in a moment if she was Jing Xi or not!

In the end, he reached out with his hand and turned the doorknob. This was a small movement, but it felt as though he exhausted all of his strength. He had never felt a door being so unexpectedly heavy before. He felt as though there was a heavy weight pressing down on his heart.

The door was finally opened.

A ray of light leaked into the room.

Huo Yunshen walked over and closed the door with the hand behind his back. The light from the outside was all blocked outside the door.

While standing in the room, he could see a dimly lit moon-shaped night lamp.

The children’s bed was crowded with three people. One woman sleeping with two children who were in deep sleep.

The children were both tucked in her embrace. She, on the other hand, was leaning all the way to the side of the bed. It looked as though she would fall off at any moment.

The children relied on her very much. Could it be telepathy between a mother and her children?

Otherwise, how else could it be explained?

Huo Yunshen suddenly thought of the past, during the ceremony where Little Grape had to choose his gift. When he was asked to choose his gift, he didn’t take anything. He just kept on grabbing his mother many times.

Ever since this child was young, it felt as though he had the acute ability to sense his mother. He was able to quickly distinguish if someone was his mother or not.

Could the reason why Little Grape chose Jin Xiaoxi later on be because of this innate ability?

He looked at the back of

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