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Chapter 1757: Hoping He Would Exercise Restraint

Huo Yunshen turned around and walked towards her until he cornered her in front of the door. He asked, looking very serious, “Or do you mean that I am not worthy to wear the sweaters you knit?”

He was too close to her and the pressure was too strong. Jing Xi’s heart panicked. “No, no, no. I didn’t mean that. I only…”

“Then knit one for me. It can either be a sweater or a sleeveless shirt.” Huo Yunshen was also very easygoing.

“Oh, okay. I will try my best.”

Jing Xi hoped the king would move slightly further away from her and not come so close. It made her feel that even breathing was difficult.

However, he had no intention of letting her go. He stared into her eyes and said, “Jing Xiaoxi, it seems you forgot to shave my beard today.”


Jing Xi’s heart started getting scared immediately when he mentioned shaving his beard. “I’m sorry, your majesty. Should I help you shave it right now?”


He let her go and then led the way out of the room. Jing Xi had no choice but to force herself to follow him.

Although he had kissed her the first time she helped him shave his beard, he had been relatively well-behaved in the past few days, as he didn’t try any funny business.

Carrying an attitude of just trying to get through it, Jing Xi came to the bathroom in the king’s bedroom to help him shave his beard.

While shaving his beard, he didn’t do anything inappropriate. This greatly relieved Jing Xi and she let out a sigh of relief in secret.

However, when she went to clean the razor and placed it back in its spot, just as she turned around, he suddenly grabbed her hands and pressed her against the wall straight away.

“Your majesty! No!” Jing Xi was so frightened her heart was throbbing.

“No what?”

Huo Yunshen pressed against her and teased her intentionally.

“Your majesty, doing this would ruin your reputation! Everybody knows how much you love your late wife. However, what you are doing now is dishonoring her. If you really love someone, how can you say you love her with your mouth but get tangled up with another woman?”

Jing Xi controlled her chaotic heart and looked at him, hoping he would exercise restraint.

If this kept on continuing, she felt she wouldn’t be able to continue living in the palace.

“Another woman? Have you never thought that you are my woman? That you are my Jing Xi?”

Huo Yunshen wanted to tell her the truth and tell her the actual situation. However, Jing Xi could not accept it at all.

“Your majesty! I know I look similar to the queen from the back but this doesn’t mean we are the same person. Moreover, I already have my own life and I will not be a stand-in for someone else! Please just let me go!”

After she finished saying this, her hands broke free and she passed underneath his arm, running as if she was escaping.

Huo Yunshen let out a sigh and touched his clean chin. He wondered i

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