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Chapter 1733: Caused Great Hurt To Her

Huo Yunshen looked at the results from the test and he felt so much pain in his heart that he couldn’t breathe. Even his friends and family around him recognized Jing Xi but he, her husband, the person who loved her the most, didn’t recognize her.

He really deserved to die!

“Yuoshen, we can understand what you are feeling so you shouldn’t be too upset. Learning about it now isn’t too late. The good thing is that Jing Xi is still by your side. She and the child have come back safely. What you should do now isn’t to feel sad and blame yourself, but to figure out a way to make it up to her.”

“I know… but it seems like she has forgotten me… I don’t know what I should do to make her remember me… she is really scared of me right now… I caused her great pain… I don’t know what I need to do to make up for it…”

Being forgotten by the person you loved most was truly the most unbearable feeling; it would be such a painful situation. Right now, he could fully empathize with what Ye Xun was feeling.

Being with the person you loved the most every day, but them having no memory of you at all… What a sorrowful situation that was!

Huo Sanyan also started to think deeply. It was only when she saw how sad her brother looked that she realized perhaps Ye Xun felt the same as Huo Yunshen.

Did he also secretly feel sad often when he was not around her? And that he didn’t have anyone to speak to about it?

The brother and sister hugged for a while and then Huo Sanyan said the thoughts in her heart. “Ye Xun and I originally planned to ask Jing Xi to restore her appearance first before telling you.”

“That depends on if Jing Xi is willing! If she is willing, then I will definitely do all I can to hire the best plastic surgeon in the world.”

Huo Yunshen also really felt anticipation for Jing Xi’s appearance to be restored. However, he would not decide Jing Xi’s life for her and would respect her wishes. “Actually, no matter what Jing Xi looks like, I won’t mind. It is fine as long as she is Jing Xi. Her being alive is already my biggest comfort. It feels like my listless and stagnant life has hope once again. I will stay by Jing Xi’s side and love her well no matter whether she can remember me in this lifetime or not. I also want to welcome our fourth child with her.”

“Oh, I might’ve forgotten that if you didn’t say it. The way that child came is also quite funny! What does this mean? It means this is all heaven’s will! If it is yours, you won’t be able to run away from it, if it isn’t, you won’t have it even if you forcefully try to take it.”

Huo Sanyan let out a long breath and suddenly felt that her little brother could finally enjoy the good times now that the bad times were over. Their entire family was together right now. The only regrettable thing was that Jing Xi’s appearance hadn’t been restored.

After Huo Yunshen left Kaidi, he made a call to Jing Xi. He then got

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