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Chapter 1730: Heartwarming

Huo Yunshen decided to take matters into his own hands as Jing Xi was hesitating.

He extended his arm and pulled Jing Xi into the elevator by her collar.

Jing Xi shrieked as she ran into Huo Yunshen’s arm.

Huo Yunshen did not let go of her and hugged her instead.

The door closed, and the guards turned around to give their king his personal space.

Huo Yunshen was excited as he got to hug his woman again in the tight space. His heart was like a drifting boat that had finally found a place to stop.

He felt like he was finally home.

It felt calming to be able to hug Jing Xi again.

Jing Xi was utterly stupefied by what was happening.

“Can… Can you please let go of me?” Jing Xi asked as she felt Huo Yunshen resting his chin on her head. They were so close to each other that she could hear his heartbeat and smell the faint cologne on his body.

It was heartwarming and nerve-wracking at the same time. The only thing Jing Xi could think of at that time was to hurry up and separate from Huo Yunshen.

Huo Yunshen took a deep breath and let Jing Xi go.

Jing Xi took a step back and looked at the stain on Huo Yunshen’s shirt.

“Your shirt! What should we do?”

“You should take responsibility.” Huo Yunshen smiled

“Should… should I go back and get you a new one?”

The truth was that Huo Yunshen had a spare shirt in his car, but he wasn’t planning to tell Jing Xi since he could use the chance to spend more time with her.

“No, you’re coming shopping with me later.”

“… Okay.” Jing Xi nodded. “But, thank you so much for what happened just now. You saved me from a lot of trouble.”

Huo Yunshen did not reply and just stared at Jing Xi through his sunglasses.

Since Huo Yunshen was quiet, Jing Xi did not continue the conversation. But she was still feeling bad that Huo Yunshen had to spend all that money to help her.

Yet, she had no idea Huo Yunshen was actually planning to punish that woman.

Lin Xianjing was waiting in the lobby with her guards when a few vans arrived and rack after rack of dresses were unloaded from them.

Lin Xianjing could instantly recognize the brands on the dresses, as they were all brands that she liked.

She quickly asked her assistant to record what was happening.

There were at least 20 dresses on each rack, and all of those racks were placed before her.

“These are all the 100 dresses for you, Miss Lin,” one of the workers said.

“Oh my! Please thank your master for giving all these to me!”

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