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Chapter 1723: Hugged So Tightly By The Man

He initially thought she was already dead. Who would’ve thought she would have drifted to a small island, become the daughter in a fisherman’s family, and had to work hard by running around every day to help them deliver seafood?

She should’ve been the president’s daughter, a noble swan. In the entertainment industry, the queen of the international movie scene. The queen of the Dragon Kingdom. These were the things she should’ve been right now. However, she was just living an ordinary life with the Jin family.

She had to wake up early in the morning every day and go to sleep late every night, working as a nanny in the palace!

She even had to endure his torment and lashing out. Jing Xi, I feel ashamed to face you!

Huo Yunshen could not say out loud these words in his heart. At this time, he could only keep on hugging Jing Xi while his tears continued to fall, with him being unable to stop them.

He felt as sad as much as he missed her. And he felt as regretful as much as he loved her.

He was so sad, so sad that he didn’t know what to do.

He didn’t know she had always been by his side. She also didn’t know that her own two children were also right beside her.

She definitely lost her memory. Did she forget about him?

How else would she not be able to recognize even him?

Jing Xi… poor woman…

The more Huo Yunshen thought about it, the more upset he became. His heart was in so much pain he couldn’t breathe. The only thing he could do was to hug her tightly. He could not use words to describe the pain in his heart.

Jing Xi was hugged so tightly by the man that she almost couldn’t breathe. She wanted to move a bit and ask him if he had encountered any trouble. Otherwise, why would he suddenly act slightly unusual?

“Your majesty…” Just when she turned her head, she felt a moist and cool feeling on her cheek.

It was his tears.

She didn’t expect his majesty the king to be so sad!

Did he become so sad because he missed his late wife too much?

“Jing Xi, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”

Huo Yunshen touched her ear with his lips. He kept muttering “I’m sorry” nonstop. Perhaps, he wouldn’t even be able to make up for the harm he did to her and the regret he felt even after he said it a thousand or even hundreds of thousands of times.

He blamed himself for his stupidity and his conceit!

Jing Xi had a clearer understanding when she heard him call the queen’s name. He was definitely confusing her for the queen again.

Sigh… what a pitiful man!

She initially wanted to push him away. However, in the end, she couldn’t actually bear to do it. She just lifted her head subconsciously and lightly patted his back. She wanted to do this to comfort him, to see if it could make him feel better.

After hugging him for a while, Jing Xi lightly pushed him away. “Your majesty, I will bring you back!”

Huo Yunshen didn’t say anything. He just looked at

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