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Chapter 1752: Losing Control

Jing Xi ran.

She ran back to her room and quickly cleaned herself up before going to the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

When she finished preparing breakfast, she could hear the joyful voices of the kids outside. She went to take a look, and the kids were running around down the hallway.

The kids noticed Jing Xi standing by the door, and Little Apple was the first one to run to her.

“Mommy! You were gone when I woke up this morning!”

“Yes. I had to prepare breakfast.”

“Auntie Xiaoxi,” Little Grape greeted. “Why are you here?”

Jing Xi rubbed both of the little boys’ heads and asked, “Have you two brushed your teeth yet?”

“Yes! Grandma Lan helped us!”

“Is daddy up?”

“Yes!” the two little boys replied in unison.

“But daddy wants Auntie Xiaoxi to help him get dressed,” Little Grape added.

“Okay. I’ll call you when we are ready to eat then.” Jing Xi smiled and then left for the king’s room.

The man was already up. He was in his bathrobe alone in his room.

“Good Morning. I’ll go and fetch your clothes,” Jing Xi greeted and went straight for the wardrobe.

She got the clothes out for Huo Yunshen and scanned through the wide selection of neckties. There were a lot of colors, but in the end, she chose one that she had bought last time with Huo Yunshen.

Huo Yunshen was surprised to see the combination when Jing Xi got him the clothes.

Jing Xi got him a wine red suit with a brightly colored necktie.

“Am I wearing these today?”

“Do you not like them? I’ll get something else for you then.”

“Put them down! Who said I didn’t like them?”

Anything Jing Xi chose, Huo Yunshen would like.

“Help me put them on,” Huo Yunshen then ordered.


Jing Xi helped Huo Yunshen take off his bathrobe and put on his white shirt. She slowly buttoned the shirt up and then proceeded to help him put on his pants.

Jing Xi tried to pull the zipper up but failed to do so.

She raised her head and asked, “Are the pants too small? The zipper is kind of stuck.”

You moron! Huo Yunshen scolded in his head. It wasn’t because the pants were too small, but because he was aroused by her.

He could not keep his calm when Jing Xi’s soft hands were going up and down his body.

“It’s fine,” Huo Yunshen said and pulled the zipper up himself.

Jing Xi sighed and continued to help Huo Yunshen put on his coat and necktie.

The suit instantly elevated Huo Yunshen’s look.

He looked dashing even with the cast on his arm.

Jing Xi then took Huo Yunshen to the bathroom for him to brush his teeth.

“Help me shave too,” Huo Yunshen then said.

“I don’t know how…”

“I can teach you.”

Jing Xi then helped apply shaving foam to Huo Yunshen’s face as instructed by him and began to shave.

Before Jing Xi could even finish half of the shaving, she felt something grab her waist, and she was pushed to the wall. Huo Yunshen took the razor away

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