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Chapter 1749: The King Requested It

It was only after she casually brushed her hair and tidied herself up that she went back to the king’s room again.

She was much more careful this time compared to just now. She peeked her head inside first and found he was still inside the bathroom. She didn’t dare to go in. Instead, she just stood outside the door and asked directly, “Your majesty, are you done bathing?”


She could hear the sounds of water dripping again. She guessed his majesty the king had probably come out from the water.

A beautiful man stepping out of the bath…

The image of the king walking out of the water naked suddenly emerged in her head again… Ahhh!!! She was about to go crazy… What kind of nonsense was she thinking?

Jing Xi felt upset and smacked her own head. She forced herself to calm down. Sure enough, she soon saw the king come out. However, he only had a white towel around his waist. His arms were still hanging beside him as before.

She figured he probably couldn’t put on the bathrobe by himself. She needed to help him to put it on. Always swaying around half-naked like this in front of her wasn’t good, right?

Jing Xi summoned up her courage and asked, “Your majesty, do you need to change into a bathrobe?”


Jing Xi ran over to the cabinet to look for the bathrobe and then came over to help him put it on.

However, just as she ran over and was face to face with him, he suddenly dropped the towel around his waist. Jing Xi was caught off guard by this action and thought he wasn’t wearing anything underneath. She was so frightened that she covered her eyes and screamed.

“What are you screaming for? I am wearing something underneath.”

“…” Jing Xi forced herself to turn her face around and secretly peeped. Sure enough, she saw he was still wearing black boxers underneath.

Fine, it was she who thought too much.

After helping him put on the bathrobe, Jing Xi asked considerately again, “Your majesty, are you hungry? What do you want to eat?”

They both had gone to attend the dance and neither of them had their meal. Jing Xi felt she was hungry so she asked if he was also hungry.

“Yeah, make two bowls of braised pork noodles,” Huo Yunshen said indifferently.

“Oh, okay. I will go to make it immediately.”

Jing Xi didn’t think much about it. She thought the reason the king asked her to make two bowls was that he was very hungry.

Not long after she went to the kitchen, she came back with two bowls of hot braised pork noodles. “Your majesty, I will place them here on the table. Is that okay?”

Huo Yunshen got up and walked over to eat. Jing Xi saw him start to eat so she prepared to leave. “Your majesty, take your time, I will head out fir…”

“Sit down!”

Huo Yunshen interrupted her words straight away. Moreover, he ordered her to sit down.

“Huh?” Jing Xi was stunned. Did he ask her to sit down?

“Sit down and eat with me.”


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