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Chapter 1735: Personality Suddenly Changed

Jing Xi woke up once the car arrived and stopped at the palace. When she opened her eyes, she realized she was leaning on the king’s shoulder and it was wet with her saliva. She was scared stiff. “I’m sorry, your majesty… I didn’t know… I’m sorry…”

“It is fine. Did you sleep well?” Huo Yunshen asked gently.

“…” Jing Xi froze into stone again.

She wondered if she was dreaming.

Otherwise, why would the king have such a gentle expression in his eyes? Why did the king’s tone sound so soft?”

Huo Yunshen saw that she looked stunned. He couldn’t help but take out a handkerchief and help her wipe away the saliva at the corners of her mouth. “We are here. It is time to get out.”


The king had already gotten out of the car but Jing Xi was still in a daze. Recently, she kept feeling that the king was behaving strangely. What exactly was going on? Why did his personality suddenly change?

Where did the man who was irritable, fickle and short-tempered go?

After they arrived back at the palace, Jing Xi discovered something even more unimaginable, and that was, her bedroom had changed.

The servant told her that she was already not allowed to stay in her previous room. The king asked her to change to a new room.

She followed the room number the servant told her and found the new room. Jing Xi realized the room was actually directly opposite the king’s room.


What was going on?

Jing Xi really wanted to pull her own hair and ask what exactly was going on.

Why did he suddenly treat her so well?

Could it be the king took the wrong medicine?

Wanting to get to the bottom of it, Jing Xi summoned her courage and went towards the opposite room. When she saw Yin Feng outside the door, she could already figure out the king was definitely inside. Jing Xi asked, “Mr. Yin Feng, is his majesty present?”


“I want…”

Before she could even finish her sentence, Yin Feng had already opened the door and said, “Miss Jin, if you have anything you want to say, why not say it to his majesty directly?”


Jing Xi turned her head sideways and looked at Yin Feng, flabbergasted. Even Yin Feng looked like he had changed somewhat.

She carefully walked into the king’s room and Yin Feng closed the door just as she walked in. She turned back to look and then turned her head back again to look around the room. She didn’t see anyone.

However, she heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom.

She unconsciously leaned forward to take a glance at the bathroom. She then saw a man’s perfect body appear in the glass.

It was covered by a layer of mist and she could vaguely make out his inverted triangle body shape, his meticulous and robust waist, and his long legs… his physique was so good…

Jing Xi accidentally looked for a moment longer until the man came out. His waist was only covered by a white towel.

Oh my god!

Her pee

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