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Chapter 1759: Living Together Like A Couple

The two of them didn’t talk with each other from the beginning to the end. They could hear the low rumble from the plane’s engine and, after they entered the stratosphere, that sound was the best sort of lullaby.

Jing Xi fell asleep not long after. While she was sleeping, her head leaned to the side from time to time.

The temperature in the plane was a bit lower so Jing Xi felt a bit cold. She unconsciously hugged her arm and her body curled up.

She now feared the cold even more than before. Perhaps it was the aftermath from a few years ago where she had to spend chilly winter nights after she fell off the cliff into an ice-cold canyon.

Huo Yunshun only opened his eyes after she fell asleep. He turned around to look at her and saw she was curled up and she looked like she was shivering.

Huo Yunshen was quite surprised that she was so afraid of the cold and it made his heart tremble. He took out the blanket he had prepared beforehand and gently placed it on her body.

It was only after Jing Xi suddenly felt warmth around her that her shivering lessened slightly. He could feel that the temperature of her body was very low.

Huo Yunshen then helped her adjust her seat so that she could lie down more comfortably.

The seats were all custom made and they could turn into beds when they were reclined. And just like this, Huo Yunshen lay down and slept with her, using his body to give her warmth.

The two of them slept through the journey until the plane safely landed at Peijing Airport.

Jing Xi felt some bumps and woke up. It was only after she opened her eyes that she realized she was actually in the king’s embrace. Moreover, he was even hugging her very tightly.

What the hell? Did he have no shame?

Jing Xi simply couldn’t look at herself anymore. How did she get tangled up with the king again?

She frantically pulled the blanket away and Huo Yunshen also woke up. He saw that she got up so he also got up and then restored the seats back to their original position.

“Did you sleep well through the journey?” Huo Yunshen tilted his head and asked her.

It was fortunate Jing Xi had scars on her face. Even if her face turned red, it wouldn’t be visible. She answered awkwardly, “Quite well. I’m sorry. I didn’t do it on purpose…”

“It is fine. I also slept very well. I had a free pillow.” Huo Yunshen’s lips pulled up into a smile.

Jing Xi: “…”

After they got off the plane, cars that were prepared in advance were waiting outside. The guards and assistants were all already waiting below.

Huo Yunshen and Jing Xi took their things and then got off the plane together.

It was only after she came out that, even though the time and season were the same, she realized the Dragon Kingdom was much colder than Peijing. The weather in Peijing was even a little bit hot.

Didn’t he say this was a state visit?

From watching television, Jing Xi thoug

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