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Chapter 1740: Hug Her Tightly

Jing Xi brought the three little kids back home and was surprised to see Huo Yunshen waiting for them by the palace door.

Huo Yunshen finished whatever he had to do that day early and had the time to welcome his family back.

The moment Ying Bao and Little Grape saw their father, they ran towards him and into his arms.

“Niuniu, you should go too,” Jing Xi encouraged Little Apple, who was still holding her hand.

Little Apple was hesitating a little since his relationship with Huo Yunshen was still at an awkward stage.

But with Jing Xi’s encouragement, he slowly walked towards the king. Huo Yunshen saw Little Apple approaching him, and he opened his arms to welcome the little boy too.

After hugging all the kids, Huo Yunshen stood back up and waited for Jing Xi to join them before going back into the palace as a family.

It was Saturday the next day, and Jing Xi promised to play with the kids.

The playground was filled with laughter when Huo Yunshen got there. The sight of Jing Xi playing with the kids made a warm smile appear on his face.

He then took off his shoes and walked into the playground.

It was then that Huo Yunshen realized that Little Grape was trying to tackle Jing Xi. He quickly ran towards the little boy and snatched him up before he could hit Jing Xi.

Huo Yunshen crashed down onto the floor while he held Little Grape up in the air.

Little Grape was looking at his father in shock because he had just ruined his plan for trying to hug his Auntie Xiaoxi.

“Daddy, what’s wrong?” Little Grape asked.

Huo Yunshen put his son down and looked at the woman next to him.

“You kids have to be careful when playing with Auntie Xiaoxi, okay?” Huo Yunshen warned. “Don’t run into her belly.”

“Why?” Little Grape asked, as he did that every day.

“Because Auntie Xiaoxi has a baby in her belly now. You might hurt the baby.”

Hearing the king splurting everything out, Jing Xi looked at him like he was some madman.

“There’s a baby in Auntie Xiaoxi?” Little Grape gasped as he turned to look at Jing Xi.

Jing Xi nodded in reply.

Little Grape then touched Jing Xi’s belly and asked, “Is it Uncle Heiniu’s?”

“…” Surprised by the question, Jing Xi had no idea how to reply to it.

“No, it’s daddy’s,” Huo Yunshen suddenly said. “You will be a big brother soon.”

“Then… If Auntie Xiaoxi has my little brother in her, does it make her part of our family now?”

“Yes,” Huo Yunshen nodded.

Little Grape got way too excited when he heard the answer and hugged Jing Xi tightly.

“Then, can I call Auntie Xiaoxi mommy?”

“Of course,” Huo Yunshen smiled.

“Yay! Sis, did you hear that? I have a mommy now!” Little Grape shouted excitedly.

Ignoring the little kids, Jing Xi looked at Huo Yunshen and asked, “My king, why are you telling these things to them?”

“What’s wrong with telling them the truth?”

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