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Chapter 1732: Enthusiasm Suddenly

Huo Yunshen sighed and called his phone with Jing Xi’s.

He let his phone ring for a few seconds before hanging up and returning it to Jing Xi.

“You can leave now,” Huo Yunshen said.

“Oh…” Jing XI took her phone and left.

Huo Sanyan was waiting in her office with tea on the table.

“Oh, my dear little brother, what brings you here?” Huo Sanyan asked when Huo Yunshen came in.

When Huo Sanyan got the call saying that her little brother was visiting, she almost thought that someone was trying to prank her.

Her office was too small for someone with Huo Yunshen’s status to enter.

“I have something to talk to you about,” Huo Yunshen said and sat down on the couch.

“What’s that?”

Huo Yunshen had his fingers crossed, and his head resting on his hands. He had his head down for a while before raising it up to reveal a face that was full of tears.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” Huo Sanyan asked, shocked by what she was seeing.

“I’m the most stupid person in this world… I don’t have the right to love Jing Xi anymore…,” Huo Yunshen sobbed.

Huo Yunshen looked at his sister with a pained expression.

Stunned by Huo Yunshen’s sudden revelation, Huo Sanyan was starting to pity him and was pondering whether to tell Huo Yunshen the truth or not.

“Why? What makes you think that? If you don’t have the right, then who does?” Huo Sanyan tried to comfort her little brother.

“But… But I can’t even recognize her…”

Huo Sanyan thought that Huo Yunshen was talking about the imposter and said, “What do you mean? Didn’t you find out that she was fake and chase her out of the country in the end?”

“No! I’m not talking about the fake one.” Huo Yunshen shook his head. “I’ve found her, the real one. I never thought that Jin Xiaoxi is Jing Xi… She was by my side all this time and I couldn’t recognize her… I even mistreated her…”

Huo Sanyan could understand what Huo Yunshen was feeling at that moment. Initially, Ye Xun and she had planned to tell Huo Yunshen after they made Jin Xiaoxi go through plastic surgery to regain her original face.

But there was no need for that now since Huo Yunshen had already learned the truth.

“Wait… Why aren’t you surprised?” Huo Yunshen asked when he noticed no changes in Huo Sanyan after hearing the news.

“To tell you the truth…” Huo Sanyan sighed. “I learned about this just a few days before you…”

“And you kept quiet about it?” Huo Yunshen scolded.

“Hey! Calm down! We were just suspecting it at first, and that’s why I got that hair from you, remember? We wanted to do a paternal test just to make sure.”

Huo Sanyan then got up and took the report out from the drawer.

“This is proof that Jin Xiaoxi is indeed Jing Xi. Both Ye Xun and I were delighted but saddened at the same time. We were scared that if we told you the truth, you wouldn’t be able to accept it. That was why we kept it from you. We planned to do

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