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Chapter 1754: Waiting For A Miracle


Jing Xi put down the plates and followed Huo Yunshen out of the dining room.

Since Huo Yunshen wanted her to clean a room, Jing Xi went to fetch the cleaning trolley first.

What she did not expect was that the king wanted her to clean the golden room.

She thought that was the only place in the palace that no one could enter except for the king himself.

Jing Xi trembled as she recalled how angry Huo Yunshen got when she accidentally entered it last time.

He had almost choked her to her death.

Huo Yunshen opened the door and went in but then realized Jing Xi was not following him.

“What’s wrong? Why are you not coming in?” Huo Yunshen asked.

“But, this room…” Jing Xi shook her head and wanted to confirm if she could go in or not.

“It’s fine. I permit you to enter.”

Huo Yunshen quickly granted Jing Xi permission when he realized what she was thinking about.

Having the king’s permission, Jing Xi let out a sigh of relief and entered the room.

The moment she set foot into the room, it was as if she was walking into a place that was really familiar to her.

She had always felt attracted to the room ever since she entered it once but could not explain why.

“What should I clean here? Is there anything I shouldn’t touch?” Jing Xi asked as a precaution.

She did not want Huo Yunshen to get angry like last time.

“Clean everything in here. I’ll come back and check later.”

Huo Yunshen wanted to let Jing Xi touched everything in the room and see if anything could help her regain her memories.

The king left, and Jing Xi stood in the room alone. She looked around wondering where she should start first.

The first thing she saw was the cabinet with a photo of the king’s late wife on it. Jing Xi could not explain what she felt when she saw the smile on the face in the picture.

She could feel her heart tighten, and she had no idea why.

Without giving it much thought, Jing Xi started to clean the room.

While she was working, Huo Yunshen was looking at her through the cameras that were set up in the room.

He was hoping for a miracle to happen.

He saw her clean the bed and take up the half-knitted sweater.

Huo Yunshen hoped that the sweater could remind her of something, as it was knitted by her in the past.

He even hoped that she could finish it.

But Jing Xi only tidied up the yarn and placed it back on the bed.

She only stared at the sweater for a few seconds, and she raised her hand to her throat.

Huo Yunshen understood what she was thinking about. The fear that had been instilled in her when Huo Yunshen tried to choke her for touching the sweater made her reach for her own neck unintentionally.

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