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Chapter 1756: Planned

Jing Xi finished the sweater a few days later and took it to the king.

“Here’s the sweater. How is it?”

Huo Yunshen took the sweater up and was happy with how good it turned out.

He took out the other one that was made for Little Grape and compared them. They were completely identical.

This meant that Jing Xi still had her memory lying dormant somewhere within her.

It was not impossible to regain her memories.

“This is really well made!” Huo Yunshen complimented.

Jing Xi let out a sigh of relief when she heard the man’s joyful voice.

“Then I’ll take my leave,” Jing Xi said, ready to leave.


The man suddenly stopped her as Jing Xi looked at him, baffled.

“Can you make new ones for the kids?” Huo Yunsehn requested.

“Will they even wear handmade sweaters now?” Jing Xi asked. “Won’t store-bought sweaters look better on them?”

Jing Xi was afraid to accept the request. She could finish the sweater only because it was already half-done. She’d never made one from scratch, and she was scared to do it.

“The weather is getting colder, and they’ve outgrown their previous sweaters. Hand-knitted ones are better than store-bought, no?” Huo Yunshen argued.

“Fine… I’ll try and see… I’ll have to get some yarn then,” Jing Xi agreed.

“You don’t have to. I’ve already gotten some. It’s all in your room now,” Huo Yunshen said with a smile.


Jing Xi felt like she was being set up from the beginning. It was as if she’d fallen into a planned trap.

Jing Xi sighed as she now had to do more research on knitting a sweater.

She came out from the king’s room and went back to her own room only to be greeted by boxes on the floor. She opened one of the boxes, and in it was yarn of different colors.

The quality of the yarn was top-notch.

She could find all kinds of yarn in the box, so much that she could make a few dozen sweaters.

Without any way to back out, Jing Xi frowned as she started to check on which yarn would be better. There were even books on knitting in one of the boxes.

She went through the guide books to look for patterns she could work on.

She needed to make one for each of the kids. Not only did she have to think of which patterns they would like, but she also needed to take their measurements too.

Just as she was pondering, she heard a knock on the door and turned around to find the king standing by it.

“What’s wrong?” Jing Xi asked.

“Is the yarn enough?” Huo Yunshen asked.

“Yes! A little too much, maybe.” Jing Xi replied.

“Since there’s a lot, can you make me one too?” Huo Yunshen asked as he walked into the room.

“What?” Jing Xi could not believe her ears as her jaw dropped.

“What’s wrong? Don’t feel like doing it?”

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