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Chapter 1737: Touching Him So Closely

Night came and she was taking care of the two children by telling them a story. The king would also come over to the children’s room. To put it nicely, he was here to spend time with his children as father and sons.

It might have been because of the king’s presence, but Jing Xi felt like she didn’t know how to tell the story anymore. So as to not cause them to become bored, Jing Xi intentionally said, “Little princes, do you guys want to listen to an even better story?”

“Yes! We want to listen to it!” the two children shouted energetically.

“His majesty the king knows how to tell very good stories. You guys should ask your father to tell them!”

When the two fellas heard her, they started to ask Huo Yunshen to come over and tell a story. The man who was invited came over to sit by the bed and started to tell the children a story.

The stories he told were stories he had told Little Cherry in the past. Those stories were deeply embedded in his mind so he had no difficulty in telling them now.

The children started to listen earnestly. Jing Xi was also listening. She realized the story the king told was very enjoyable. The reason it sounded so good might be because of his attractive voice.

As Little Grape listened to it, he thought of an idea. “Dad, can you lie down to tell your story?”

He hoped his dad could also lie beside them to tell them stories.

“Okay then!” This was exactly what Huo Yunshen wanted so he took advantage of the moment and came to lie down.

He leaned against the front of the bed and pressed against Little Grape and Little Apple. Coincidentally, Jing Xi, who was at the side, was also within his vision.

There were two children between them but the distance couldn’t be considered far.

Jing Xi realized his majesty the king had lain down and she panicked so much that she quickly got up. There was no way she could lie down in the same bed as the king. That would be too outrageous.

The children pulled her just as Jing Xi got up. Little Apple asked, “Mom, where are you going?”

Jing Xi turned her head to look at the children. She laughed, “Auntie Xiaoxi can go out now since your dad is here to tell you guys stories.”

“No! Mom, don’t go!”

“Auntie Xiaoxi, don’t go!”

Together, the two children made her stay. Huo Yunshen also said, “Since the children don’t want you to leave, then just stay and lie down!”

“This…” Jing Xi looked at the big bed and hesitated, thinking about what she should do.

“I am the king and even I don’t mind, so what is there for you to feel concerned about? I asked you to lie down, so just lie down!” Huo Yunshen intentionally spoke more forcefully so that it sounded like an order.

Jing Xi had no choice but to obediently go lie back down. And so, two adults lay down side by side with two children.

While Huo Yunshen slowly told the story, he would occasionally glance at the children and the woman who

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