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Chapter 1722: Regret

Huo Yunshen bent down a little and gently grabbed Jing Xi’s shirt. He was hesitating. If the king of a country was found out to have secretly pulled up the shirt of a sleeping woman up in the middle of the night, he would lose all of his pride and respect.

Yet, he still decided to do it. He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and pulled it up a little.

Luckily, the woman was still asleep. He opened his eyes and slowly looked towards her waist.

There it was, a tattoo on Jing Xi’s waist.

It was the same tattoo that he was familiar with.

The moment Huo Yunshen saw what he wanted to know, he felt like his brain was exploding.

The woman right in front of him was Jing Xi.

She was the real one.

That explained why she always looked so familiar from behind, why every inch of her reminded him of Jing Xi.

The reason for the scar on her face and the change to her voice was probably because of the explosion. Yet Huo Yunshen avoided that explanation all the time and chose not to accept the truth.

The only thing Jing Xi had lost was her face and voice, and yet, it took Huo Yunshen such a long time to recognize her.

He scolded himself.

Tears clouded his vision as his breath became heavier. He kneeled in front of the sleeping woman as if he was being weighed down by his sense of guilt.

Jin Xiaoxi was Jing Xi.

Jing Xi had become Jin Xiaoxi.

Huo Yunshen could not believe that it could take so long for him to think of such a method to check if she was Jing Xi or not.

He then thought of how he had treated Jin Xiaoxi ever since he’d met her.

He had hurt the woman he loved again and again.

He sat on the floor, tasting all his regrets and pain alone.

The woman he had been looking for had been by his side for quite some time.

Huo Yunshen grabbed his hair as he blamed himself.

What should I do? How can I even begin to apologize? I’m so sorry…

Jing Xi woke up from hearing someone crying.

She followed the voice and turned around, only to see the king crying by the side of her bed.

Shocked by a person she did not expect to see, she wondered what was happening.

It took a few seconds for Jing Xi to calm down and then she caught a faint sweet aroma coming from Huo Yunshen.

It was alcohol.

The first thing she thought was that Huo Yunshen was drunk and was missing his queen.

“My liege…,” Jing Xi called out softly.

Huo Yunshen raised his head almost immediately after hearing Jing Xi calling out to him.

Looking at her face, Huo Yunshen regretted not recognizing her.

Ignoring the fact that she was barefoot, Jing Xi quickly got out from the bed and helped Huo Yunshen up from the floor.

“Are you okay? Let me take you back to your room.”

Huo Yunshen stood up with Jing Xi’s help. He then grabbed her wrist suddenly and pulled her into his arms, hugging her tightly.

Jing Xi… My poor Jing Xi… How much have you endured for the pa

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