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Chapter 1751: Something Very Unusual

Little Grape wasn’t someone who could be deceived so easily. He had already asked Auntie Lan and she said Auntie Xiaoxi was taking care of dad.

He already saw Auntie Xiaoxi’s shoes beside the bed but dad still said she wasn’t here. Humph, lying to a child!

Little Grape sprinted over to the bed and pulled the blanket away. Sure enough, Auntie Xiaoxi was there.

It was as if the child had discovered a new land. His eyes lit up with excitement and then he sprinted out again.

Before Huo Yunshen could even let out a breath of relief, he heard Little Grape shouting as he ran out the door, “Sis, Brother Niuniu, come in here! Auntie Xiaoxi is here!”

Huo Yunshen: “…”

It wasn’t just he who came to snatch her away, but it was a group of people!

Why was his life so hard?

Immediately after, Ying Bao brought Little Apple inside. The children had all finished drawing and they wanted to give their finished drawings to Jing Xi. They wanted to wake her up but Huo Yunshen stopped them.

“Shh! Don’t be noisy. Your mother is very tired so let her sleep for a while!”

Ying Bao nodded and the two little fellas were also very obedient and didn’t say anything.

Little Grape was the one with the most ideas. He pulled his brother and sister’s hands and said, “Let’s also sleep with mom and dad!”

Little Grape took the lead and got up. Ying Bao thought about it and then also got on the bed. Little Apple hesitated slightly but Little Grape also pulled him over.

This was just great, a family of five sleeping together on a big king-sized bed.

Oh, wait. It would be six people if the one inside Jing Xi’s tummy was included.

It was already impossible for Huo Yunshen to be alone with his wife. However, being together with his wife and children also felt quite good.

The children were all squeezed in between mom and dad. Huo Yunshen shifted Jing Xi slightly to the side. He also moved backward slightly on the other side to let the children lie down in the middle.

Right now, Ying Bao was right in the middle. Little Apple and mom were on the left. Little Grape and dad were on the right.

This was such a joyous feeling!

It wasn’t just the children who felt blessed. Huo Yunshen’s heart was also filled with joy. He was with his wife and children and his family would never be separated again. He really wished time would stop at this moment.

Perhaps it wouldn’t matter that Jing Xi couldn’t remember her past. As long as they could be together, every day in the future would be the best day ever.

Jing Xi discovered something very unusual when she woke up.

She remembered she had been reading to the king last night. Why was she lying down when she opened her eyes?

Moreover, where was she?

She looked at the ceiling and at the decorations in the room. When she realized where she was, Jing Xi immediately became wide awake from fright.

Why was she lying on the

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