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Chapter 1742: Stood Out The Most

Lan Yi handed Jing Xi a mask and said, “Here, if you don’t want to stand out too much.”

Jing Xi took the mask that was glittering and tried it on.

“Thank you. You’re always so considerate.”

Jing Xi thanked her and left. She got in the palace’s car and headed to the hotel that was hosting Kaidi’s event.

The ball had already started when Jing Xi arrived.

Most of the celebrities that had signed with Kaidi were present.

The event was intended to celebrate Ye Fanxing’s achievement of breaking the 10 million copies sold milestone.

Everyone was patiently waiting for the main character to arrive.

Lin Xianjing was also present at the event, not to congratulate Ye Fanxing, but to ruin her night.

Lin Xianjing blamed what had happened with her dress on Ye Fanxing. She was not going to let Ye Fanxing take all the spotlight for herself after suffering such humiliation.

Just as Lin Xianjing was laughing from picturing how bad Ye Fanxing would look later, the door opened.

Everyone turned their heads and saw a tall and beautiful figure by the door.

The person wore a blue dress with diamonds as decorations. The reflected lights on the diamonds made them look like stars reflected on a lake.

The woman’s hair was pulled back, and she had a purple mask on her face.

Only her starry eyes could be seen.

Everyone was attracted by the woman who just came in. Some gasped while the others just stared at her wordlessly.

They were all wondering who she was.

The woman looked like a goddess that could only be seen in oil paintings from the medieval period.

Jing Xi was shocked that everyone was staring at her the moment she entered the hall.

She thought that wearing a mask would help her blend into the crowd, but she became the one that stood out the most instead.

There was no way that she could turn away after entering the hall, Jing Xi could only walk forward.

She saw one of the colleagues she knew and greeted her.

“Ye Fanxing?” the colleague gasped when she heard Jing Xi’s voice. “You’re really Ye Fanxing?”

Perhaps because Jing Xi was always trying her best not to stand out, her colleague could not believe how pretty she looked.

People began to talk with one another, and soon, everyone learned that the woman in the blue dress was Jing Xi.

When Lin Xianjing learned about it, she almost spilled the wine in her hand. She pictured Jing Xi’s face behind the mask and cursed at how Jing Xi had ruined the pretty dress.

Lin Xianjing recognized the dress. It was designed by one of the masters from Italy and was made explicitly for royalty. The dress that Jing Xi was wearing was one of a kind.

Lin Xianjing couldn’t even start to imagine Ye Fanxing’s background anymore.

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