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Chapter 1729: An Eighty Percent Chance That He Fancied Her

He was wearing a pair of sunglasses, revealing only his perfect profile: straight nose, sexy thin lips. Even by just looking at his sharp cheekbones, one could tell this was an extremely handsome man.

Looking at his apparel, the custom handmade well-tailored suit with sapphire cufflinks…every detail showed exquisite personal taste. One could tell this was a man with status.

However, she still did not know who this gentleman was!

Lin Xianjing felt her heart skip a beat. Subconsciously, she put away her ruthlessness, became more restrained, and said,” Pardon me, sir!”

Even though she was still not sure why the gentleman took the hit for Evening Star, when she saw his expensive suit had been splashed by her coffee, she was feeling rather sorry.

Lin Xianjing held up the napkin given by Jing Xi, and asked, “Sir, perhaps I can help you to clean the stain?”

“There is no need for that.”

Huo Yunshen rejected her coldly. He took a glance at her, and asked, “Why did you throw coffee at this lady?”

Hearing this, Lin Xianjing now confirmed that this man with taste was just a passerby, not an acquaintance of Evening Star.

So, Lin Xianjing pretended she’d been wronged. “She bumped into me, and stained my gown!”

After hearing what she said, Huo Yunshen instructed his assistant next to him. “Give 100 sets of gowns from the same brand to this lady!”

Lin Xianjing heard that the gentleman wanted to give her not only one but one hundred gowns. She felt as if she could faint from the excitement. This was more exciting than winning the lotto!

It seemed like this gentleman was an extremely wealthy man. There was an eighty percent chance that he fancied her.

The brand of the gown she was wearing cost no less than six figures each. How much would that be for one hundred gowns?

Oh gosh! He must be a tycoon!

After giving instructions, Huo Yunshen walked towards the escalator, and his assistant left to get the gowns.

Lin Xianjing lost her interest in Evening Star. She asked to release her, and warned her, “Evening Star, consider yourself lucky today. If I ever catch you when I’m in a bad mood, I will not let you off this easily! Watch your step! Do you hear me?

“Yes, ma’am!”

Jing Xi nodded.

“Why are you still blocking my way? Get away!” scolded Lin Xianjing.

Jing Xi walked away, heading towards the escalator entrance. She had to clock in very soon.

On this end, the two assistants of Huo Yunshen were waiting on the side. They stopped Lin Xianjing when she was about to leave. “Madam, please stay, we will bring you the gowns in a short while.”

“Oh, alright.”

Lin Xianjing was no longer in a hurry to meet her fans. She even planned to stay a little longer. If the gentleman ever came out again, he might even invite her for a meal!

On the other end, Jing Xi ran to the escalator waiting area. All of the escalators were ascen

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